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This is big news: now all former NFL players are eligible to receive a free Former Player Lifetime Membership with the NFL Players Association.

That's right. We want all former players to experience the rewards and fun that the NFLPA’s exclusive network of football professionals provides. Our efforts are dedicated serving and assisting all former players, and our membership demographics are as diverse as the individuals involved. Therefore, we guarantee that there is...


At more than $2,500 in value annually, the NFLPA Lifetime Membership gives participants access to exclusive perks:

  • Save money on car rentals and car services.  

  • Book discounted hotel accommodations from Miami to Malaysia (per availability).

  • Purchase flower bouquets and houseplants for yourself or loved ones at reduced cost.

  • Stay in shape (or get in shape) with a free membership to the YMCA.

  • Buy official sports apparel and elite golfing equipment at 20-40% off ticketed price.

  • ...and much, much more!

For complete information about our membership rewards, please sign in then click Membership Discounts.

"Being a former NFL player is a special thing. Only one-tenth of one percent of all football players make it to the NFL, so we are a special and unique fraternity,” said Nolan Harrison, NFLPA Former Player Services Senior Director. “We understand what it takes to make it to this level: the determination, discipline and sacrifice. We are like a band of brothers, whether we are active or former players, and that fraternity eternally links us together forever."

With 34 Former Player Chapters around the United States, finding a network near you is easier than ever before. Once connected to a local Chapter, you will have access to social/networking mixers, professional development seminars, NFLPA regional events and community engagement opportunities. You may meet a former teammate, make new connections with college alumni or find a potential business partner, as countless of former players have already done at our unique events.



Fortunately, there is no catch! Registering for free Former Player Lifetime Membership with the NFLPA is extremely easy. Simply update your contact information online by:

·        signing in,

·        retrieving your forgotten account information,

·        or creating a new account.


Or using these directions:

Alternatively, you can call Former Player Services at (800) 372-2000 or email After registration, new members will receive a membership card and access to more than 100 membership perks. Please allow 4-6 weeks for your card to arrive in the mail.

We look forward to welcoming you to our exclusive fraternity.

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