• Executive

    The Executive Department empowers, protects and improves the lives of its members – past, present and future NFL players.  The NFLPA continues to establish landmark precedents felt not just in the sports world, but throughout organized labor and corporate America.  With this legacy of leadership, the Executive Department guides the NFLPA through skilled negotiations with the National Football League and through the introduction and implementation of innovative programs geared toward enriching the lives of its members.

    Fax: 202-756-9310

    DeMaurice Smith, Executive Director
    Ira Fishman, Managing Director
    Teri Smith, Acting Chief Operating Officer
    Mark Cobb, Executive Associate

  • Benefits

    The Benefits Department represents players by jointly administering benefits earned under the Collective Bargaining Agreement in conjunction with the NFL Management Council.  In addition to negotiating with the Management Council, insurance companies and others on behalf of NFL players, the Benefits Department provides players with comprehensive knowledge of their benefits, empowering them to make informed life decisions.

    Fax: 202-756-9312

    Miki Yaras-Davis, Senior Director
    Bethany Marshall, Director
    Chris Smith, Assistant Director
    Adora Williams, Senior Manager
    Brian Francis, Manager
    Zaire Sadiki, Assistant

  • Communications

    The Communications Department serves the members and stakeholders of the NFLPA by ensuring that internal and external messages are clearly defined and delivered, through a consistent voice.  In addition to managing all incoming and outgoing media relations, the Communications Department utilizes various public relations and digital initiatives to ensure that the NFLPA and its members receive fair and accurate coverage in the media and strives to enhance and protect their integrity and images.

    Fax: 202-756-9312

    George Atallah, Assistant Executive Director of External Affairs
    Carl Francis, Director, Communications
    Veronica Jenkins, Director, Creative and Interactive Content
    Brandon Parker, Communications Manager
    Stephanie Blackwell, Digital Content Manager
    Erin Hayes, Coordinator

  • Finance and Asset Management

    The Finance and Asset Management Department is responsible for the monthly and annual production of accurate and timely financial results for the NFLPA and all subsidiaries and affiliate entities and the management of the organizations’ cash and invested assets, including insurance needs.  In addition to assuming the responsibility for all tax and other government agencies compliance, the Finance and Asset Management Department is responsible for collecting dues, licensing royalties and other revenues as well as distributing payments to players.

    Fax: 202-756-9319

    Charles Ross, Director
    Erin Douglas, Controller
    Iva Lamanna, Assistant Controller
    Michael Zides, Staff Accountant
    Alex Gomez-Rey, Staff Accountant
    Juan Vargas, Associate

  • Former Player Services

    The Former Player Services Department strives to build a fraternity of former NFL players that is aligned, connected and engaged to facilitate personal growth beyond football.  While providing tools, resources and opportunities to support a successful transition from the game, the department focuses on cultivating compassion, respect and dignity within its membership. The Former Player Services Department seeks to inspire players to feel connected to one another, their community and to the NFLPA when their football careers end and their life after football begins.

    The Professional Athletes Foundation is a resource within the Former Player Services Department available to assist former players with need-based financial grants. Click here to learn more about what the foundation can do for you.  

    Nolan Harrison, Senior Director
    Andre Collins, Executive Director, Professional Athletes Foundation
    Tyrone Allen, Director, Professional Athletes Foundation
    Lorenzo Kaufman, Senior Manager
    JJ Jackson, Meetings Manager
    Caryl Banks, Manager, Professional Athletes Foundation
    Leslie Isler, Associate, Professional Athletes Foundation
    Kate Bell, Membership Services Coordinator
    Terran Foster, Membership Services Coordinator
    Caitlin Arneson, Membership Services Coordinator
    Laura Stefanow, Assistant, Professional Athletes Foundation

  • Human Resources

    The Human Resources Department oversees the daily personnel function of the NFLPA, NFL Players Inc. and The Trust.  As a strategic partner across the entire organization that attracts, retains and engages a skilled and diverse workforce, the Human Resources Department is dedicated to the implementation of long-term initiatives geared toward the professional development, management and safety of all employees.

    Kimberly Murray, Director
    Stephanie Patton, Manager

  • Information Systems

    The Information Systems Department oversees an innovative, technologically-advanced client/server computer system that enables the NFLPA, NFL Players Inc. and The Trust to track, report and use a myriad of complex data on a daily basis.  Responsible for accomplishing all computer data processing needs and requirements on a cost-effective basis, the Information Systems Department also offers support to each department so staff can meet their diverse business objectives.

    Fax: 202-756-9320

    Richard Persons, Director
    John Persons, Manager
    James Rouse III, Senior Database Administrator
    Alex Wrenn, Senior Systems Administrator
    McCabe Weaver, Developer
    Swetha Pathuri, Database Administrator
    Ronal Davis, Junior Help Desk

  • Legal

    The Legal Department protects and enforces the rights of NFL players, the NFLPA and its subsidiaries. In addition to filing grievances to enforce provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and NFL Player Contracts, the Legal Department assists the Executive Department with collective bargaining and oversees all legal matters involving the NFLPA and NFL Players Inc.

    Phone: 800-372-2000

    Fax: 202-756-9317

    Thomas DePaso, General Counsel
    Ned Ehrlich, Associate General Counsel
    Heather McPhee, Associate General Counsel
    Chris Fawal, Associate General Counsel
    Todd Flanagan, Staff Counsel
    Joe Briggs, Staff Counsel, Public Policy Counsel
    Emily Toohey, Paralegal
    Kevin Wallace, Legal Coordinator
    Fabian Rubio, Legal Coordinator
    Sean Sansivieri, Staff Counsel

  • Player Affairs

    The Player Affairs Department ensures players are aware, educated and informed, to actively guard their collectively bargained rights and benefit from union programs, resources and services.  In addition to empowering players to focus on matters that will enhance their transitions through the NFLPA pipeline, the Player Affairs Department works with Player Representatives, as liaisons, to provide off-the-field direction through mentorship programs, comprehensive financial services and other membership assistance.  The Player Affairs Department also works with the NFL Management Council to jointly administer the Policy and Program for Substances of Abuse and Policy on Performance-Enhancing Substances.

    Phone: 800-372-2000

    Fax: 202-756-9313

    Don Davis, Senior Director | Senior Advisor to Executive Director
    Dana Hammonds Shuler, Senior Director
    Lester Archambeau, Senior Player Director
    Tom Carter, Player Director
    Zamir Cobb, Player Director
    Ernie Conwell, Player Director
    Andy Studebaker, Player Director
    George Hegamin, Director of Scholastic Outreach
    Willis Whalen, Senior Manager
    Dior Ginyard, Senior Player Manager
    Connor Ford, Player Manager
    Rahman Anjorin, Player Manager
    Jasmine Brown, Coordinator
    Kelsey Snyder, Coordinator
    Nicole Mahzoun, Coordinator
    Garrett Wooddell, Coordinator
    Justine Kelley, Wellness Coordinator


    Associated Teams
    Player Directors are the NFLPA's first line of defense in explaining and protecting player rights and benefits. Players should contact their team's Player Director:

    Lester Archambeau (x125)

    Tom Carter (x119)

    Zamir Cobb (x118)  

    Ernie Conwell (x117)

     Andy Studebaker 









    Green Bay

    Kansas City





    Los Angeles Chargers



    New York Giants

    New Orleans

    Los Angeles Rams



    New York Jets


     New England


    Tampa Bay



     San Francisco







  • Salary Cap and Agent Administration

    The Salary Cap and Agent Administration Department administers agent certification and assists certified contract advisors and players with contract research and negotiation.  Beyond collecting all salary information and player transactions into a centralized database, the Salary Cap and Agent Administration Department tracks each club’s cash and salary cap spending as well as all representation agreements between players and certified contract advisors.

    Fax: 202-756-9318

    Mark Levin, Director
    Athelia Doggette, Assistant Director
    Doug Finniff, Senior Manager
    Adam Richelieu, Salary Cap and Contract Manager
    Jack Lyons, Coordinator
    Aaron Bartko, Assistant

  • Security and Operations

    The Security and Operations Department directs and coordinates programs which protect all company assets, employees, active players, former players and guests.  Security and Operations maximizes process efficiencies, provides superior services to players and staff, and covers all security, travel services and business operations for every department within the NFLPA, NFL Players Inc. and The Trust.

    Fax:  202-756-9320

    Tim Christine, Director of Security
    Craig Jones, Lead Security Officer
    Kerry Cosover, Senior Travel and Events Manager
    Cheryl Malik, Travel/Events Coordinator
    Lindsay Schattenstein, Event and Meeting Manager
    Anthony Harris, Operations Manager
    Alonzo Creighton, Operations Coordinator (Mailroom)
    Brenton Fairnot, Operations Assistant (Mailroom)
    Emma Martinez, Operations Assistant
    Michael Richards, Operations Assistant (Reception)

  • NFL Players Inc.

    NFL Players Inc. is the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFL Players Association.  As the only company that offers exclusive group licensing rights to more than 1,800 active NFL players, NFL Players Inc. has been a trusted resource since 1994, delivering access to the influence, power, and personal stories of NFL players. NFL Players Inc. has helped hundreds of brands leverage the power of NFL players for 20 years.


    Phone: 1-800-372-5535

    Fax: 202-756-9323

    DeMaurice Smith, Chairman
    Ahmad Nassar, President
    Dexter Santos, Vice President, Player Services
    Gina Scott, Vice President, Partner Services
    Steven Scebelo, Vice President, Licensing & Business Development
    Casey Schwab, Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs
    Karen Austin, Assistant Vice President, Licensing
    Muneer Moore, Senior Manager, Player Services
    Terese Whitehead, Senior Manager of Sponsorship and Operations, Player Services
    Jamie Grant, Senior Manager, Player Services
    Ricky Medina, Senior Manager, Licensing & Business Development
    Cassandra Nicaisse, Senior Manager, Partner Services
    Christina Fulton, Senior Manager, Partner Services
    Jenna Sobray, Senior Manager of Integrated Marketing
    John Fitzpatrick, Manager, Marketing
    Stanley Wakefield, Manager, Player Services
    Ayana Duncanson, Manager, Player Services
    Brandon Putnam, Manager, Player Services
    Krystyna Braxton, Apparel Licensing Manager
    Josh Gregory, Digital Licensing Manager
    Sophie Gage, Counsel, Business & Legal Affairs
    Lucy Eckard, Coordinator, Events
    Ryan Olli, Coordinator, Licensing
    Bria Mitchell, Coordinator, Licensing
    Kayla Wulff, Coordinator, Partner Services
    Moses Anoh, Coordinator, Partner Services
    Micale Allen, Coordinator, Player Services
    Hannah Wallace, Coordinator, Player Services