The NFLPA will begin seeking interns for the summer session (late May-August 2017) in early April for the following departments: Executive, Former Player Services, Information Systems, Player Affairs and Development, and Salary Cap and Agent Administration. Please watch the website for additional information.

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We hire interns at several points during the year - Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer. Please consult the 2016-2017 Internship Application Cycle document for the complete calendar.

Thank you for your interest in our program. We encourage applicants to thoroughly review the Internship FAQ to assist in preparing their applications. Any questions not covered in the FAQ can be addressed to Mark Cobb at (No phone calls, please).

Goal of internship program:

  • Assist colleges and universities which allow internships by providing on-the-job training to aid in career preparation.
  • Provide work experience to recent graduates interested in working in the sports industry.


  • Students must be entering their junior or senior year of study in an undergraduate program or must be enrolled in a graduate program or law school.
  • A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required.
  • Recent graduates must have completed undergraduate, graduate program or law school within one year of application.
  • All applicants must submit the following to be considered:
    • Resume with cover letter
    • Transcript (can be unofficial)
    • Two (2) letters of recommendation
      • Letters may be from a professor, employer, or an organization where you have interned or volunteered stating the qualities that make you a good candidate for this internship
      • Letters may be addressed and sent separately (if necessary) to: Mark H. Cobb, Executive Associate, NFL Players Association, 1133 20th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20036
    • A response to one of the two essay questions below to demonstrate your ability to write clearly and concisely. The essay should be no more than 650 words. Please ensure your essay has your name at the top along with a word count. Applicants for an internship in the NFLPA’s Communications Department should expect to be asked for additional written materials to support their applications.
      • What solutions would you propose to the problem of professional sports like football and the potential for delayed or long term brain injury?
      • Should public school systems favor sports programs over the arts, foreign languages, and other extracurricular activities or vice versa? Provide a brief argument for and against each.


Internship Terms/Pay/Housing Information:

The NFLPA’s internship program (including Players Inc. and The Trust) is conducted on a year-round basis. Intern classes for most of our departments are formed in the fall (September), winter (January) spring (March), and summer (May) with 4-5 interns hired for each class. Interns for the NFL Players Inc. and the Legal Department are hired twice-yearly in the fall (September) and spring (March) for six-month terms.


Departmental Functions

NFL Players Association

NFL Players, Inc.

The Trust


NFL Players Association


The Communications Department manages the relationship between the NFLPA and the media and ensures that the NFLPA receives fair and accurate coverage. An important function of the department is describing and explaining to the media the benefits of the Collective Bargaining Agreement and free agency system for professional football players. The department also works to enhance the positive image of the NFLPA and its players through the effective use of all types of media including print, television, radio and internet/social media resources.



The Executive Department of the NFL Players Association takes great pride in empowering, protecting and improving the lives of its members – NFL Players. The NFLPA continues to establish many landmark precedents felt not just in the sports world, but throughout organized labor and corporate America. Through skilled negotiations with the National Football League, leading to multiple extensions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement, and through the introduction and implementation of innovative programs geared at enriching the lives of our members, past, present and future, the Executive Department leads this organization.


Former Player Services

The Former Players organization is a division of the NFLPA formed in 1984 to provide an active voice for former players of all ages. Membership is open to all players who signed an NFL contract. There are 36 Former Player chapters nationwide with organized leadership and regular meetings.


Players Affairs And Development

The Player Affairs and Development Department (PAD) oversees all current player activities directly in the following areas: player development, drug policies and programs, financial advisors and financial literacy, membership services, and Player Representative Leadership.

Working directly with active NFL players, the department provides information and education to improve and enhances players’ lives, while continuously protecting their wages, hours and working conditions and lifecycle benefits. PAD also oversees administration of the Board of Player Representatives, the decision making body for policies governing the operation of the Players Union and adherence to the collective bargaining agreement with the National Football League.


Salary Cap & Agent Administration

The Salary Cap & Agent Administration Department is responsible for administering agent certification, assisting agents and players with contract research and negotiation and tracking each Club’s team salary for salary cap purposes by inputting all salary information and player transaction into the NFLPA database.


Security & Operations

The Security and Operations Department directs and coordinates programs relating to the protection, safeguarding and security of company assets, employees, active players, former players and guests. The Operations division is divided into Corporate Travel Services and Operations Support Services.  Corporate Travel Services includes the comprehensive management of all transportation, accommodations, travel agency management and travel systems technology, including strategic meetings management and compliance. Operations Support Services manages the day-to-day business operations of the organization through the procurement of cost effective supplies and contract services supporting our facilities and events and the management of all shipping and receiving components.


NFL Players, Inc.

Formed in 1994, NFLPI is the licensing and marketing subsidiary of the NFLPA. NFLPI exists to generate revenue and marketing opportunities for the NFLPA and its members. The four business units (and associated revenue) of NFLPI are: Licensing (consumer products), Partner Services (NFL Commercial Agreement), Player Services (service fees), and Marketing & Events (event sponsorships).


Business and Legal Affairs/Player Health and Safety Internship

The Business and Legal Affairs/Player health and safety internship occupies a unique and multidimensional role at the NFLPA. This role lends hands on support to the NFLPA in its efforts to ensure members receive the best medical care, have the safest possible workplace, and are positioned for a healthy life after football.  Additionally, this role assists with business initiatives and legal affairs that arise under NFL Players Inc, the marketing and licensing subsidiary of the NFLPA. 



Our licensee portfolio is divided into three main categories: Apparel, Non-Apparel, and Multimedia. NFL PLAYERS, Inc. is passionate about working with innovative partners in each of these categories to create and market unique products that utilize group licensing rights. We know our players better than anyone, and work closely with all of our licensees to help them maximize their usage of group player rights.


Marketing and Events

The Marketing and Events Department oversees the marketing strategies and plans across multiple platforms including advertising, events and digital marketing to support NFLPA properties and assets. In addition, M&E manages and executes the events while ensuring plans are aligned with the overall corporate objectives and strategies. We promote the NFL PLAYERS mission, brand values and assets (the players). Our platform is to enhance relationships among players, partners and staff while bringing awareness to the services of NFLPA. The M&E team focuses on evaluating the annual event calendar, considering the value of each event and making changes to the formats to enhance guest experience and marketing opportunities for the PA and valued partners.


Player Services

The Player Services Department plays an integral role within NFL PLAYERS Inc. The department provides support and services to all departments and is a vital resource to the organization’s sponsors, licensees and business partners via their active use of group player rights. In addition, the department serves as a primary resource for former and active players by helping identify opportunities and leverage their brand to increase and maximize off-field marketing opportunities.


Partner Services

The Partner Services group is dedicated to servicing companies with official sponsorships. We know our players better than anyone and work closely with all of our partners to help them maximize their usage of group player rights. Partner Services works collaboratively on the overall planning and integration of NFL players leveraged within our partners’ annual NFL player-integrated promotional campaigns. We place emphasis on engagement and alignment with sponsors to offer assistance and resources to help implement their overall campaign using our players and properties.


The Trust

The Trust is an endorsed brand of the NFLPA formed in 2013 to provide programs and resources to former NFL players. Through nationwide partnerships, we provide access to career, medical, financial education, nutrition, entrepreneurial, and continuing education services. We are committed to a player’s well-being and create customized game plans to meet each former player where is he is his transition from football.


Engagement Department

The Engagement Department at The Trust runs all of the marketing and outreach efforts to make sure that former players are aware of all the services available to them in their transition. The Engagement Department also oversees the marketing strategies, digital services, and plans across multiple platforms including promotions, events, and marketing to support The Trust.