As we celebrate the success of the NFLPA over the past 60 years, it is fitting to close out Women’s History Month by recognizing some of the women who have helped shape the union. Nine female staff members who have been instrumental in driving innovation, advancements and opportunities share their experiences and memories of working to improve, enhance and protect the lives of NFL players.




  • Heather McPhee (Associate General Counsel, Legal Department) discusses how she personally hopes to effectuate change and what the legal team does to protect players’ rights. Jump to her clip at 00:00:27.
  • Pat Allen (former Executive Vice President, NFL Players Inc.) defines NFLPI’s distinct mission when it comes to marketing players. Jump to her clip at 00:01:25.
  • Karen Austin (Assistant Vice President, Licensing Department) remembers banding together to fight for group player rights and the formation of NFL Players Inc. Jump to her clip at 00:01:31.
  • Dana Hammonds (Senior Director, Player Affairs & Development Department) explains her role in shaping financial education for advisors and players.  Jump to her clip at 00:02:03.
  • Miki Yaras-Davis (Senior Director, Benefits Department) discusses her proudest achievement, designing the 88 Plan to cover Alzheimer’s, ALS and Parkinson’s - Jump to her clip at 00:02:54.
  • Veronica Jenkins (Director, Creative & Interactive Content, Communications Department) explains the importance of dedicating the NFLPA headquarters to the late Gene Upshaw.  Jump to her clip at 00:03:47.
  • Teri Smith (Deputy Managing Director, Executive Department) recalls her role during the 2011 NFL Lockout. Jump to her clip at 00:04:51.
  • Gina Scott (Vice President, Partner Services) details driving marketing opportunities for members. Jump to her clip at 00:05:37.
  • Erin Douglas (Controller, Finance & Asset Management Department) discusses her experience of two decades of employment with the NFLPA. Jump to her clip at 00:06:13.

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