Former Players

Money is often the source of anxiety in life and this is especially true as we contemplate making a major move in our careers. In my experience, the fear of never having, or being able to make, "enough" money kept me trapped in a vicious cycle of self-limiting beliefs about what I was capable of. I got stuck in self-pity and the thought that my best years were now over and there was nothing that I could ever do to compare to what I had just lost. This self-pity and negative self-talk invited a constant feeling of shame and inadequacy. After convincing myself that I had somehow failed, I began the process of looking for a job - alone. I now realize that my experience is not as unique as I had come to believe and that by simply accepting what was happening without making it into a personal tragedy, would have laid the foundation for an amazing journey of self-discovery. The good news is that it is never too late to begin that journey.

Here is what I learned along the way:

"I don't know", "I need help", and "thank you" - these words, along with the willingness to help and serve others, can be some of the most powerful things you can say, both in your prayers and in your everyday interactions. Those words will take you places.

Know your true value of your time, not by waiting for the highest paying job to come along, but by getting busy. Your true worth can't and won't be defined your paycheck, but you will soon learn that your priorities come into focus.

To feel fear is normal, but it is just a feeling. You don't need to conquer it, run from it, or hide -- just go through it and the feeling gets much better. I often felt unqualified to pursue a career that was interesting to me either because I didn't have the best GPA or that I was too far behind everyone else. I slowly began to realize that everyone has some insecurity and fear of failure. Sometimes taking action before you feel ready is the best course. That's because the fear never really goes away and if that's what "ready" means, you will be disappointed with your results. Taking action with courage and enthusiasm will attract others to stand by your side. Whatever you do is temporary, it's who you are when you do it that speaks volumes and has a lasting impact.

Finally, after years of trying to make life work on my own terms, I discovered that only by surrounding myself with the kind of people who shared my core values, could I truly hone these skills and develop the traits that I truly wanted to have in my life. I found tremendous strength in my new "team", as they cheered my progress, carried me when I struggled, held me accountable for my goals, and showed me how to develop routines and habits that could give me more time and more energy to truly experience life. I now look forward to my next transitions and for me, life is much better than I was ever able to imagine.