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Everything you put into your workout and dietary regiment is all a part of your routine, aimed to keep you in elite condition. To stay on top of your game and on the field, remain informed on the NFL Policies on Substances of Abuse and Performance Enhancing Substances. For any questions related to these resources, please email Justine Kelley.


Call 614 620-6052 for login help.


You may also call 800 683-9173.



Please note the following important updates about offseason testing for both the Performance Enhancing Substances and Substances of Abuse.


- Your travel will not interrupt your testing.

- Testing WILL be conducted at international locations and players are still required to comply with testing while traveling internationally.

- You will have four hours to provide a specimen after you are contacted by the collector just like when you are state side.

- If you provide false or misleading information regarding your international travel, you will be in violation of the Program and may be disciplined.

- If you are traveling internationally you MUST provide the dates of your travel to each location as well as a street address and telephone number where you can be reached at all times.

- You also MUST keep copies of travel documentation for four months after your trip. Travel documents include boarding passes, hotel and meal receipts and/or other forms of proof that you traveled. - The Performance Enhancing Substances policy requires you to update Dr. Lombardo through the PES website. To get assistance with your username/password or update location by phone, call (614) 620-6052.

- The Substances of Abuse policy requires players WHO ARE IN THE PROGRAM to inform Drug Free Sport of any change in location, new contact information, or travel plans. Call Drug Free Sport at (800) 683-9173.




Updating Location Information for Testing
Drug Program FAQs
Policy and Program on Substances of Abuse

Get assistance obtaining your username and password or change location by calling (800) 683-9173.

Update Now

SYNTHETIC CANNABINOIDS are PROHIBITED and have been added to the tests under the SOA Policy. Using any level of these substances (commonly known as synthetic weed, K-2, Spice, etc.) will likely cause a positive test result. A positive test for these substances will likely lead to advancement to the next stage in the Program and discipline.


Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)
If you have been or are seeking to be treated by a physician with a banned substance for any condition (including ADD/ADHD, male pattern baldness, hypertension, hypogonadism, or hypopituitarism), you must have your physician file a TUE application with the Independent Administrator. If you test positive for a prohibited substance without having been granted a TUE, it will constitute a positive test and will be referred for administrative action.

NFL TUE Requirements
TUE General Requirements




Check Your Supplements

AegisShield helps identify the presence of banned substances on labels of dietary supplements. 

Download App: IOS | Android (Enter “football” for both the username and password) 

Submit Supplement Label (If you are unable to locate your product on the app)

NSF Certified for Sport® is a certification program created to ensure the sports supplements you take are safer and fit for use.

Download App: IOS | Android

The NFLPA does not approve supplements. The AegisShield app is available to help players check the list of ingredients on supplement labels against the NFL’s list of banned substances. This does not mean that taking a supplement will be safe as far as the NFL is concerned. Supplements can contain substances not listed on the labels, and the NFL holds you responsible for anything in your bodies, even if you take a substance accidentally. The final responsibility rests with you to ensure that you do not take a banned substance.




Important Contacts


NFLPA General Number: 1-800-372-2000



Joe Briggs

Staff/Public Policy Counsel
Handles all legal matters related to the Substances of Abuse Policy

Todd Flanagan

Staff Counsel
Handles all legal matters related to the Performance Enhancing Substances Policy