During his nine years in the NFL, Scott Turner played cornerback for the Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers and Denver Broncos. He also served as a player representative for four years before retiring in 2004. We got the chance to catch up with him about his time as a rep, his life post-football and his family. 

Q: How would you describe your experience leaving the game? 
A: My experience has been a tremendous journey of learning and growing, and taking the things I learned as a professional football player and implementing them into the business world, ministry world, and government leadership. I developed good relationships along the way, and those matured into different business opportunities. 

Q: What is your current career? 
A: I’ve been working at Systemware Inc, a software company, for the last 10 years as the chief inspiration officer. I serve as a professional mentor, pastor, and councilor for all the employees and executive team. I also own a custom suit company; my wife and I started it three years ago. 
Q: You served as a player rep for a few years, what was the impact that you and other reps made during your time on the board? 
A: I know we made a tremendous impact. During the time I was a player rep, we implemented the annuity plan, we made a lot of changes to the pension plan, and [we were] part of a lot of major decisions that were made. Now as a retired player, I am living under the benefits that I had the opportunity to be [a part of when] they were being thought of. I was very blessed to be a player rep during the time where we were a huge impact and when huge generational changes were made. 
Q: Can you describe more about how the work you did benefits you today? 
A: The annuity plan, line of duty benefits, and increase in pensions – I haven’t taken [these benefits yet], but I have access to them, and I was in those discussions along with the other player reps. When you get out of the game and your living under that it’s pretty phenomenal. 
Q: Do you have any children? If so, do they play sports? 
A: [Robin and I] adopted our nephew, Solomon, he’s almost 17 now. He plays football at Preston Wood Christian Academy in Texas. He’s interested in playing [in college]; we just started the recruitment process. He likes many Universities, but I think after this season we’ll probably have a better feel of what he wants to do. 
Q: In what ways do you believe this position of leadership has helped you in your current career, as well as being a father? 
A: You learn how to serve people, because when you’re a player rep you’re there to advocate on behalf of your colleagues, teammates, and really those who came before you, played with you, and those coming after you. So it’s a great opportunity to be a servant leader. As a father, I’m the leader of my family –  I serve my wife, I serve my son, and I serve the state of Texas. I see how it translates from the football locker-room to the NFLPA meetings, to collaborations with NFLPA, NFL and former players. [This leadership position] was a tremendous experience that I still use today, whether that be business, legislation, running companies – it all translates. I’m grateful because I get to practice that every day. 
Q: Can you share a memorable story of your time as a player rep? 
A: I can’t remember what year it was, but we were in Hawaii. So a bunch of us decide we’re going to go run and workout. This was in March, so some guys had already started working out, some guys had just begun, and some this was their first day. We had a big group of guys, all ages, and we were running on the beach and around the [resort]. Everybody was running at a different pace, but still the competitive juices were flowing and the encouragement for one another was flowing; nobody was left behind. When we came to the end, just the reaction and response of everybody I still remember to this day. It was fun, it was hard, but we were cracking up. The great thing about that was that we all had in common that we wanted to be the best we could be, so we came together. 
Q: Are you still close with any player reps today? 
A: Yes, of course. I have great relationships with the guys that I served with on my team and the guys that served on different teams. I still talk to them, and I’m close with their families – you get to see guys post-football so it’s very exciting. 
Q: What was your favorite meeting site? 
A: The Grand Wailea in Hawaii was pretty awesome. That’s my favorite for sure. 
Q: What advice would you give current players today? 
A: The advice I would give them is to prepare to retire every year. The NFL is a tremendous blessing, but it’s also a game that has an average of 3 years. Secondly, build relationships both in the locker-room and outside the locker-room. My third and last piece of advice is if you want to be great, help somebody else be great and be a servant leader because it will [help you] for the rest of your life when you leave the game.

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