You’ve invested in your consumers' love for NFL players, creating a licensed product or activating a sponsorship that connects them to their favorite players. By working with the NFLPA, you can give your consumers--the fans--more to cheer about by engaging players in your marketing plan.

Only the NFLPA can help connect you to NFL players in a truly memorable way by recommending a unique and customized plan to maximize your marketing spend.

Player Marketing Solutions

RB Todd Gurley (middle), QB Jared Goff (right) at a Nike retail event. Photo: Kevin Koski/NFLPA


Create in-person experiences with NFL players. You can invite NFL players to engage with your consumers at a number of events, including:

  • Retail appearances

  • Meet & greets

  • Fan interactions

  • Trade shows

  • Sales meetings

  • Media Appearances

This is also a great way to reward super fans, employees and trade partners by creating customized player activations. We can help you find the perfect way to incorporate players into customer-facing activities.

Panini provided trading cards at OLB Jelani Jenkins' football camp. Photo: Kevin Koski/NFLPA


Customize sponsorship packages to align your brand directly with NFL players. Apply marketing dollars towards innovative event marketing and sponsorships that allow you to incorporate products and/or branding elements at events like:

  • NFLPA Rookie Premiere (May)

  • NFLPA Collegiate Bowl (January)

  • Super Bowl Week (February)

  • Player Camps (May-June)

  • NFLPA Debut (April)

We can work with you to identify opportunities that can help amplify your brand to fans, other business partners and the players themselves.

QB Cody Kessler content capture during Rookie Premiere. Photo: Kevin Koski/NFLPA


Use an NFL player's influence and personality to tell a powerful story. You can connect the attributes of your brand to similar attributes of individual players to create unique content opportunities via social media, online videos and other digital promotions.  

Marketing opportunities can be as simple and turnkey as a targeted social media campaign, or as strategically complex as original sponsored content development for one of the many new media platforms. 


Partners that maximize their marketing spend by including NFL players in their promotional strategies yield better results

Here are some simple tips to consider to help you plan an effective marketing strategy that includes NFL players:


Timing is Everything: While players are generally available to participate in marketing campaigns year-round, advance planning is key as timing becomes much more limited during the season. Your Player Services contact will work with you to help identify the best times for activating with a player.

Think Local: Personalize your approach to marketing campaigns by leveraging NFL players with local appeal in local markets

Partner Up: Extend the reach of your brand by working with other NFLPA partners from co-brand opportunities to exciting promotional efforts. Check out this creative promotion with Uber and EA.

Customize Your Game Plan: The NFLPA can provide expertise to help you develop creative and custom player marketing opportunities. Our team is dedicated to understanding the unique and diverse interests of over 2,000 players, to help brands like yours find the right players to accomplish your marketing goals.