Imangi, mobile game developer and official licensee of NFL Players Inc., has just released its newest set of NFL players available for download through Temple Run 2.  Starting today, just in time for the anticipated real-life match up on the gridiron, star quarterbacks Tom Brady and Peyton Manning will be available for download in Temple Run 2. Fans may not be able to guide Brady or Manning on the field, but they can help them navigate the gauntlet and post high scores in Temple Run 2.

The wildly popular App-based game gives football fans another way to engage with their favorite NFL players as they race through challenging courses, overcome obstacles and collect valuable coins. Phones and mobile devices already caught football fever this season as Temple Run 2 released three NFL players this month alone.

The first NFL player characters, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, were made available for download in Temple Run 2 on October 10, followed by Calvin Johnson on October 24.   Kaepernick even touted the availability of his player character through Instagram, encouraging fans to “Come test the heat in my feet! @templerun.”  

Temple Run 2 will continue to introduce new NFL player characters throughout the season, but fans need to act as quickly as their favorite runners. Each is available only for a limited time, and to keep him in the game, users must download him before it's too late. 

The likeness is uncanny

One of the many highlights of the mobile game is the extreme attention to detail that goes into the digital version of the players’ characters. Imangi collaborated with NFL Players Inc. to create lifelike player graphics, capturing likenesses that give gamers a truly authentic experience.  This week’s version of Brady is hard to distinguish from a real photo of him.  

Previews of Brady and Manning are available below, but to truly experience the life-like quality of the runners, fans will have to collect the players through the Temple Run 2 App.

Check in weekly at for the latest additions to the roster of Temple Run 2 runners.