Courtyard Marriott Features NFL Players like Antonio Brown in their Father's Day Campaign 


NFL players are not only skilled at the position they play on the field, they are also skilled at another very important position off the field--the position of Dad.

This week and weekend, NFLPA partners celebrate NFL dads for Father’s Day by showing how important that role is to them and their kids.

Here are three ways partners worked with NFL players to celebrate fathers everywhere:

1. Pantene gives viewers a peek at the softer side of DeAngelo Williams, Running Back for the Pittsburgh Steelers in this cute video clip. Pantene launched ‘Dad-Do’ videos earlier this year which featured videos of tough dads in the NFL, like Williams, Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Jason Witten and Baltimore Ravens Tight End Benjamin Watson spending quality time with their daughters to promote their Strong is Beautiful campaign.  Williams and his daughter took the 'Dad-Do' to a new level with a ‘Daughter-Do’ just in time for Father’s Day. 

2. Courtyard Marriott featured NFL players in its quest to find out what kids love about their dads. Little did the kids know, their Dads were secretly listening in. Courtyard Marriott’s video demonstrates the surprisingly funny yet endearing reasons why kids value their dads, who just happen to be NFL stars Drew Brees, Antonio Brown, Vince Wilfork and Ryan Kalil. 

3. Gillette highlighted Green Bay Packers Offensive Linemen, Corey Linsley and Don Barclay in Meet the Protectors, one of its latest campaigns. Gillette had exclusive Father’s Day interviews with Linsley, Barclay and his father, where they shared memorable father-son moments, dreams and advice.

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