– Presented by Harvard Innovation Labs, Sports Innovation Lab and the OneTeam Collective Accelerator, Panels to Highlight Athletic Wearables Innovation –


BOSTON, February 14, 2017– Former NFL quarterback and ESPN NFL Analyst Matt Hasselbeck, New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick, Danny Belch of STRIVR Labs, Jon Davis of Gatorade Sports Science and Sandra Lopez of Intel are set to headline an extensive panel of speakers at “The Rise of the Quantified Athlete: An Experiential Forum on the Future of Athletic Performance,” taking place Friday, February 17 at the Harvard Innovation Labs on the campus of Harvard University.

During the forum, Harvard Innovation Labs, together with Sports Innovation Lab and the OneTeam Collective business accelerator, will explore the future of this dynamic, cross-industry, and fast-growing sector of sports technology. Bringing together top executives, leading scientists, professional athletes, and entrepreneurs building the next generation of quantified sports innovations, the forum features discussions around advances and issues related to athletic wearables.

“From performance optimization systems for athletic training, to wearables that monitor how muscles are using oxygen in real-time, we’ve seen many Harvard students, alumni and faculty develop impactful sports technologies in recent years. We look to further the i-lab’s focus on bringing together technologists and innovators in a cross disciplinary way to showcase these emerging solutions, and exchange ideas about how entrepreneurs and athletes will work together to shape the future of sports technology,” said Jodi Goldstein, Managing Director of the Harvard Innovation Labs.

Joining Hasselbeck, Fitzpatrick, Belch, Davis and Lopez are John Brenkus (ESPN Sport Science), Christina Chase (MIT Sports Tech Research Group), Paul Rabil (Major League Lacrosse), Ahmad Nassar (NFL Players Association), Paul Robbins (STATS), Leslie Saxon (USC Center for Body Computing) and Shawn Springs (former NFL player, entrepreneur), along with many other experts across sports, business, research and technology.

 “The sports industry is in the midst of a revolution in how athletes train, perform, and heal. Advancements in mobile, augmented reality, Big Data, sensors, GPS, and more have allowed athletes to stretch the limits of their capabilities and have merged the worlds of statistics and sports in manners unimaginable just a decade ago,” said Isaiah Kacyvenski, Co-Founder and Managing Director of Sports Innovation Lab, and former NFL player and Harvard graduate.

As part of the forum, attendees will also get a first-hand look at cutting-edge wearable technologies. The day will end with a special announcement from the OneTeam Collective to challenge participants to tackle the most difficult obstacles facing athletes and coaches quantifying performance today. Harvard Innovation Labs and Sports Innovation Lab joined the NFL Players Association, along with Intel, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Madrona Venture Group, BlackRock, Inc. and LeadDog Marketing Group, as founding partners in the recently-launched OneTeam Collective, the first athlete-driven accelerator for innovative companies seeking to incorporate sports strategies to drive growth.  

"The OneTeam Collective is thrilled to be a part of this forum,” Ahmad Nassar, President of NFL Players Inc., and board chairman of the OneTeam Collective said. “Discussing the future of wearable technology, and the incredible innovations which are helping athletes – of all backgrounds and skills – shows just how committed this group is. We have an opportunity to shape the way the field moves in the coming years, and together with these amazing partners, we’re excited to get started.”

The forum will be held at The Harvard Innovation Labs (125 Western Ave.), on the campus of Harvard University. Limited free admission is available to those interested in attending.  Please visit https://i-lab.harvard.edu/event/quantified-athlete/. Media interested in covering the event and interviewing speakers should contact Brendan Prunty at bprunty@coynepr.com.

The Rise of the Quantified Athlete Agenda:


Keynote (9-9:45am) – Why Should Society Care About the Quantified Athlete?

  • Jodi Goldstein (Harvard Innovation Lab)
  • Ahmad Nassar (NFL Players Association, OneTeam Collective)
  • Isaiah Kacyvenski (NFL, Sports Innovation Lab)
  • Angela Ruggiero (USA Hockey, Sports Innovation Lab)
  • Josh Walker (Sports Innovation Lab)


First Quarter (10-10:45am) – A DEEP BENCH: Elite Athletes and the Expanding Marketplace for Sports Technologies

  • Shaun Huls (Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Sandra Lopez (Intel)
  • Dr. Leslie Saxon (USC Center for Body Computing)
  • Meridith Unger (NIX)
  • Moderator: Angela Ruggiero (USA Hockey, Sports Innovation Lab)

Second Quarter (11-11:45am) – SMALLER, LIGHTER AND UBIQUITOUS: The Next Generation of Fitness Trackers

  • Martin Matak (VERT)
  • Alessandro Babini (Humon)
  • Jon Davis, Scientist (Gatorade Sports Science Institute)
  • Rooz Ghaffari (MC10)
  • Paul Rabil (Major League Lacrosse, US Lacrosse, Rabil Companies)
  • Moderator: John Brenkus (ESPN Sport Science)


Third Quarter (1-1:45pm): MOST VALUABLE PRODUCTS: The Cutting Edge Hardware Technologies Upending the Sports Industry

  • Dr. Daniel Chao (Halo Neuroscience)
  • Danny Belch (STRIVR Labs)
  • Christina Chase (MIT Sports Tech Research Group)
  • Charlene M. Mello, Ph.D (U.S. Army)
  • Conor Walsh (Harvard Biodesign Lab)
  • Moderator: Chris Cowart (The Future of Sports)


Fourth Quarter (2-2:45pm) – LEVELING THE PLAYING FIELD: Software Changing the Role of Coaches and the Analysis of Athletic Performance

  • Will Ahmed (Whoop)
  • Doug Casa (UConn/Korey Stringer Institute)
  • Eric Petrosinelli (Zebra Technologies)
  • Paul Robbins (STATS)
  • Moderator: Shira Springer (NPR/WBUR)


Overtime (3-4:30pm) – PERSPECTIVES INFORMED BY EXPERIENCE: Athletes and Other Stakeholders on Technology’s Opportunity to Unlock Untapped Potential

  • Matt Hasselbeck (NFL, ESPN)
  • Ryan Fitzpatrick (New York Jets)
  • Sean Sansiveri (NFL Players Association, OneTeam Collective)
  • Dr. Leslie Saxon (USC Center for Body Computing)
  • Meghan Duggan (USA Hockey)
  • Paul Rabil (Major League Lacrosse, US Lacrosse, Rabil Companies)
  • Zak DeOssie (New York Giants)
  • Shawn Springs (NFL/Windpact Inc.)
  • Craig Adams (NHL)
  • Moderator: Isaiah Kacyvenski, NFL/Sports Innovation Lab


Postgame (4:30-4:45pm) – A OneTeam Collective Challenge to shape the evolution of the NFL and the Quantified Athlete

  • Ahmad Nassar (NFL Players Association, OneTeam Collective)
  • Sean Sansiveri (NFL Players Association, OneTeam Collective)          





About the Harvard Innovation Labs
The Harvard Innovation Labs is a vibrant, cross-disciplinary ecosystem for the Harvard community to explore innovation and entrepreneurship while building deeper connections. The Harvard Innovation Labs began in 2011 with the opening of the student-centered i-lab, expanded in 2014 when the alumni Launch Lab opened its doors, and continues to grow in both breadth and depth with the opening of the Life Lab in 2016 to further support life science ventures. The Harvard Innovation Labs is an example of the One Harvard vision and a leading catalyst for the Allston Science and Enterprise District. 

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The Sports Innovation Lab evaluates and identifies the technology products and services that will power the future of sports. The Boston-based, market research and advisory firm uses data analysis to reveal compelling stories that mobilize global partnerships among startups, investment capital firms, and corporate influencers. The Sports Lab derives insights from a world-class network of international advisors across a wide range of industries and through strong partnerships with leading universities. With a deep focus on the ever-changing world of sports technology and innovation, the Sports Lab showcases what is possible today so its clients move with clarity and confidence into the future. Please visit us at www.sportsilab.com

About OneTeam Collective

The OneTeam Collective is the first athlete-driven business accelerator for innovative companies seeking to incorporate sports strategies to drive growth. OneTeam Collective is comprised of founding partners, the NFL Players Association (NFLPA), BlackRock, Harvard Innovation Lab, Intel, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, LeadDog Marketing Group, Madrona Venture Group and Sports Innovation Lab. The Collective offers access to the NFLPA’s brightest stars via licensing, marketing and content rights, research and development, funding and mentorship for product development and marketing support. OneTeam Collective, which features an Athlete Advisory Board, will be the first program providing rights to sports-related intellectual property, highlighted by the NFLPA’s exclusive group licensing rights and unparalleled access to more than 2,000 current NFL players.  Prospective companies can apply to participate and submit their application at www.oneteamcollective.com. 


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