The female fan demographic for professional football has grown steadily over the past few years.  So it’s no surprise that women are quickly making up a large percentage of consumers of football merchandise, and are choosing to wear NFL player-specific apparel more than ever before.  

Data from, the NFLPA’s e-commerce store featuring officially licensed player merchandise of more than 1,800 NFL players, reveals that female purchasers comprise more than 45 percent of the online store’s sales in 2014.  In fact, 30 percent of the store’s overall sales this year have come from the women’s apparel category.

Apparel companies such as Spirit Jersey® are taking notice of the rising number of women purchasing NFL player clothing. Spirit Jersey®, the first NFL Players Inc. licensee with apparel primarily geared toward the female fan recently released a new line featuring players’ names and numbers on its popular Spirit Jersey® design. Fifteen NFL players are represented, including Tom Brady, Russell Wilson and Johnny Manziel.

Spirit Jersey® became popular with female fans of college sports teams and are recognizable by their bold prints and drop shoulder design. The NFL Player Spirit Jersey® provides women with a variety of designs that prominently display the names of their favorite players across the back of the jersey.

Designs on the front of the jerseys feature a variety of custom graphics including clever sayings such as “Is it Sunday yet…” for Peyton Manning and “Neon Love” for Marshawn Lynch. Spirit Jersey® also sells leggings for a complete game-day look that maintains a sense of sporty fashion. 


NFL players have already begun to show their excitement for the new apparel line. Quarterback Joe Flacco shared a photo of his Flacco Spirit Jersey® along with a tweet that read, “my wife is going to love this.”

With the launch of Spirit Jersey® fashionable tops, women now have more options to show their support for their favorite NFL players.  Fans can check out all of the NFL Player Spirit Jersey® designs by visiting their website: