USAA needed to identify NFL players with military ties and a targeted social presence to digitally endorse their Salute to Service campaign.

Business Problem:

USAA’s Salute to Service campaign focuses on raising military appreciation across the NFL through players, fans and teams. To promote the campaign, USAA wanted to utilize NFL players with military ties and a strong social media following with a focus on targeting specific markets--Minnesota, Green Bay, Tampa and Texas.


Opendorse gave USAA the ability to search active players and identify the perfect endorsers based on social presence, fan demographics and military association


By leveraging opendorse, NFL Players Inc.’s social media activation partner, USAA was able to select players that would best represent their campaign. Via the opendorse platform, player profiles displayed each player’s ties to the military, their social media presence and their connection to USAA’s target markets. Five NFL players were identified as the most influential for the campaign's key demographics. All messages were scheduled and submitted for review and approval directly to the agents and athletes using the platform.


USAA’s message reached 1.83 million fans on Twitter by utilizing the opendorse social media activation platform.


USAA activated Vincent Jackson, Randy Starks, Jared Allen, Jordy Nelson and DeMarcus Ware to represent their campaign (see inset about why the players fit the profile). Through the players’ tweets, USAA reached a total of 1.83 million fans, with a total of 4,232 engagements. Each tweet garnered an average reach of 152,000 and 352.6 engagements--allowing USAA the ability to target and engage large audiences with their timely messages.



Vincent Jackson

Both his mom and dad served in the Army and he took part in NFL-USO tour. He also gives hundreds of Bucs tickets to military familes.

Jared Allen

Founder of Jared Allen’s Homes for Wounded Warriors, both Allen's grandfather and brother served in the Marines. Allen also took part in NFL-USO tour.

Randy Starks

Starks lived in Germany for five years while his father was stationed there. His father served in the Army for over 20 years.

Jordy Nelson

As a Kansas State graduate, Nelson has connections to military base in Kansas and has done military shout outs in the past.

DeMarcus Ware

Participant in a special event for the Schriever Airmen and his ex-wife served in the Air Force.


Photo credit: AP Images