Pepsi wanted a more time-efficient and cost effective way to activate their NFL sponsorship and Rookie of the Year platform.

Business Problem:

Pepsi wanted to find a timely and cost effective way to meet with players and also capture videos and other media to use in digital and print promotions.

NFL Players Inc. (NFLPI) connected Pepsi one-on-one with high profile rookies at NFLPA Rookie Premiere.


NFLPI gave Pepsi exclusive access to 40 rookies at one event--NFLPA Rookie Premiere, an annual event and official photo shoot for rookies. NFLPI provided dedicated space for video production and other content capture, giving Pepsi the ability to screen potential endorsers and gather the resources needed to implement and promote their annual NFL Rookie of the Week Voting Platform.




"NFLPI came through big time in helping us maximize our production time with the rookies and create truly engaging content.  Pepsi was very pleased with the event and we continue to find value in Rookie Premiere." - Matt Nielsten, Associate Manager, Pepsi Sports

Pepsi captured 17 weeks of content featuring 21 NFL Rookie Players.



A total of 21 rookies have been featured on Pepsi’s Rookie of The Week website. Content from Rookie Premiere is posted on the site, spanning 17 weeks during the football season.