Papa John’s wanted feedback for their new campaign to show specialty pizza popularity among NFL players but was limited on resources and time.

Business Problem:

Prior to the start of the 2015 NFL season, Papa John’s International, Inc. developed the concept of a “Players’ Choice” pizza campaign and planned to launch mid-season. As part of the campaign, Papa John’s created three specialty pizzas designated as the “Players’ Choice” pizzas. The types of pizza were preselected but Papa John’s wanted to determine which pizzas NFL players preferred. Overall, Papa John’s objective was to strengthen the campaign by leveraging NFL players input and increase brand loyalty with players.

The NFLPA helped develop and administer a survey for NFL players to easily provide their feedback to Papa John’s on the three specialty pizzas featured in the campaign. 


The NFLPA helped Papa John’s create a user-friendly survey to capture the essence of the “Players’ Choice” campaign--the players’ choice. The survey was sent to all players asking them to rank the pizzas in order of preference.  To encourage participation and quick feedback, the NFLPA worked with Papa John’s to include an e-gift card incentive for players who completed the survey. 

100 NFL players provided Papa John’s with feedback for the “Player’s Choice” campaign, with most of them completing the survey within 48 hours.


The NFLPA helped Papa John’s collect feedback from approximately 100 players. Papa John’s was able to authenticate “player choice” pizzas with real player feedback, giving their customers more insight into the tastes and preferences of NFL players. Papa John’s was pleased to learn that pizza choice 1 had 39% player approval, pizza choice 2 had 38% player approval and pizza choice 3 had 35% player approval ratings.

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