Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G) was looking for ways to increase awareness of its grooming products among NFL players and create early touchpoints around the NFL Draft.

Business Problem:

Having already created a styling and grooming lounge for players and their families to introduce P&G as the official grooming product sponsor on-location at NFL Draft, P&G sought opportunities to leverage activations around the NFL Draft to help families and players get red carpet ready. 

P&G leveraged the NFLPA’s expertise and relationship with players to reach additional draft-eligible players and invite them to the Grooming Lounge.


The NFLPA worked closely with P&G to extend invites to an additional group of draft-eligible players who were invited to its annual NFLPA Debut, held on the night before the NFL Draft. The NFLPA managed all logistics, which included transportation and scheduling, for P&G’s grooming lounge for 20 NFLPA Debut draft-eligible players and their families.  Allowing players’ family members to also receive grooming services, further demonstrating P&Gs commitment as a family brand to the players.

P&G increased their player exposure at the draft by 80%, offering future NFL players attending the NFLPA Debut a first-class experience with their products in the Grooming Lounge.


The NFLPA introduced P&G to an additional 20 draft-eligible players. NFL players received grooming services, tested new products and learned more about their various brands and product offerings in the P&G Grooming Lounge.  A total of 48 additional grooming services were provided to players and their families. In addition to grooming services, players and their families were also provided P&G products that included integration of five (5) brands: Head and Shoulders, Gillette, Old Spice, Covergirl, and Pantene. P&G was able to build relationships that will extend beyond a player’s football career. 

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