Gatorade, was looking for ways to naturally integrate their products and brand into events with future, current and former NFL players.

Business Problem:

Gatorade has done a great job of using well-known players in iconic advertising and having a constant presence on game days.  In 2012, Gatorade extended that presence by providing product support for the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, giving Gatorade a platform to expose their products to potential NFL players.  The success of this involvement spurred Gatorade to find more ways to get product in the hands of NFL players in non-traditional ways and align their brand with marquee player-focused events.

The NFLPA created a portfolio of player-centric events for Gatorade that aligned with their marketing and branding initiatives, and allowed Gatorade to gain exclusive exposure to NFL players. 


As a sponsor of Collegiate Bowl, Gatorade received a host of promotional assets to help promote their brand across the event and across NFLPA owned media. The NFLPA created new opportunities for Gatorade to integrate product at other key NFLPA events, exploring organic ways for Gatorade to have a consistent brand presence with players. Gatorade expanded their brand awareness strategy to include support of key NFLPA events including NFLPA Rookie Premiere, the annual Board of Player Representatives Meeting and Former Players Convention and the NFLPA Former Player Regional Conferences.

Gatorade created year-round exposure to NFL players by expanding NFLPA event sponsorships, reaching over 300 active and former players, and cementing themselves as the official performance beverage of NFL players.


Through strategic alignment at NFLPA events, Gatorade has been able to reach players at various stages of their career, not just on game days.  From sponsorships at Collegiate Bowl and Rookie Premiere that give them access to players just starting their NFL career to product integrations at former player conferences each year.  The Gatorade brand has become a recognizable part of NFLPA events for players. 

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