EA Sports needed a high volume of approved player assets to release real-time player content through a new user-generated ad creator called the Madden GIFERATOR.

Business Problem:

To promote the release of Madden NFL ‘15, EA Sports wanted to use a new advertising tool created by Google, dubbed the “Madden GIFERATOR,” which engages fans by allowing them to create their own unique GIFs featuring NFL players corresponding to real-time plays during NFL games. The GIFs would then be fed into Google’s ad system, producing timely, geo-targeted ad copy for EA. The Madden GIFERATOR was reliant on having a high volume of NFL player GIFs and approved content for users to create and share memes instantly, as NFL games were in progress.

NFL Players Inc. (NFLPI) provided EA with high-touch consultancy in player selection, asset approvals, content review and real-time support for the Madden GIFERATOR.

EA Giferator


In a matter of days, NFLPI provided EA Sports with player information and approved hundreds of player assets to meet EA’s deadline. NFLPI evaluated hundreds of pre-written taglines, reviewed a 3,000-word banned language bank and provided a list of supplementary terms. NFLPI also partnered with EA to develop an intricate curation and moderation process to ensure the appropriateness of all user-generated GIF content. NFLPI staff was also in real-time communication with EA’s team during five games in the first two weeks of the 2014 season, granting in-the-moment, live approvals based on plays as they were happening on the field. NFLPI continued to provide ongoing support to meet the authentic nature of on-demand content throughout the season.

NFLPI’s streamlined review and moderation process resulted in 460 approved player GIFs available for fans’ use in the Madden GIFERATOR in time for the start of the season.


Through unique player assets and custom taglines, over 7,000 pre-approved permutations were made available through the Madden GIFERATOR. In the first 10 days, over one million unique fans visited the GIFERATOR site, generating more than a quarter million GIFs.  These real-time GIFs generated so much buzz with fans that it came in fourth on Google's list of trending .gifs for 2014.  Madden GIFERATOR also won creative agency, Heat a variety of awards including six at advertising’s biggest international show of the year, Cannes Lions