Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), in partnership with Giant grocery stores, sought to create a collectable player licensed item to promote a new product line in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Business Problem:

The Mid-Atlantic region of DMI was interested in unveiling a Fuel Up to Play 60 retail promotion in Giant grocery stores to support the launch of a new line of Marva Maid-branded products and promote Kellogg’s Raisin Bran cereal. Since Giant stores are located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region--a territory that covers the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia and parts of New Jersey--DMI wanted to figure out a way to use NFL players in the promotion outside of the Baltimore Ravens territory. DMI needed to strategically leverage their club relationships and sponsorship rights without violating territory and club rights of other grocery store competitors within the market landscape.


The NFLPA helped DMI create a player marketing strategy using their group player rights and helped them activate their first player premium promotion at retail. 


The NFLPA advised DMI on how to leverage group player rights--from their sponsorship with the Baltimore Ravens--to produce posters featuring six different Ravens players for the 52 Giant grocery stores within the Ravens home marketing area (HMA).  The NFLPA also advised DMI on how to activate their national group player rights outside of the Ravens HMA, to create six different, non-Ravens player posters for distribution in the remaining 117 Mid-Atlantic region Giant grocery stores. The NFLPA connected DMI with current licensee, Bensussen Deutsch and Associates (BDA) who produced the posters, managed the store deliveries and logistics (including all kitting and geographic distribution to specific stores) and ensured that the retail locations would receive the correct poster series.


The NFLPA helped DMI leverage their local club and national group player rights to distribute 12 collectible player posters at all 169 Giant grocery stores in the Mid-Atlantic area. 


Over 100,000 player posters were distributed to 169 of the Mid-Atlantic Giant grocery stores throughout the 8 weeks of the promotion.  This promotion generated $50,000 in grants back to local schools: $25,000 from Maryland and Virginia, and $25,000 from Kellogg’s. The $50,000 doubled the grant amount received from the previous year. DMI also benefited from in-and-out of store exposure via a press release, social media presence, advertising in local newspapers, an in-store circular ad and marketing in the Ravens game day program. 


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