FedEx sought to develop fun and engaging content to encourage voting for the NFL Air & Ground award and build new customer relationships with NFL players. 

Business Problem:

FedEx wanted to drive more engagement on their NFL Air & Ground platform using NFL players in unique content to encourage fans to vote for players during the season. Furthermore, FedEx hoped to increase its customer base of NFL players by showcasing its suite of services and presenting product offerings. 

NFLPA created a customized sponsorship for FedEx to capture player content at the annual NFLPA Rookie Premiere event.


The NFLPA created a sponsorship for FedEx at Rookie Premiere, providing FedEx access to 40 recently-drafted NFL rookies for content capture content, engagement and creating a platform to showcase their shipping service expertise. The sponsorship included 16-hours across two days for content production of rookies, giving FedEx the ability to capture enough content to use throughout the season for the FedEx Air & Ground platform. The NFLPA also helped FedEx tap into the players’ personalities leading up to the event, providing player knowledge and insights about the rookies to help create fun videos and social content.  In addition, the sponsorship included a FedEx branded player shipping suite--a centralized shipping hub for players to ship items home upon departure.  The shipping suite provided an additional opportunity for FedEx staff to engage with players and discuss its suite of services. 

By integrating into the event, FedEx streamlined content production costs, capturing a seasons worth of content in one setting, and showcased their services to a new audience of players. 


Over the course of four days, FedEx captured content for their Air & Ground award platform with 40 drafted players, helping reduce production expenses of one-off productions. FedEx was able to on-board new customers by creating shipping accounts for each player, and even highlight the ease of use and efficiency of its services through the shipping suite. Players were able to designate shipping locations and discuss other products and services provided by FedEx.


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