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Putting Yourself in the Best Position to Succeed

Change can be challenging, whether it’s a positive change or a negative change.  This coming month will bring with it a number of changes: the shift from off-season to the rigors of training camp; the change from training camp to the competitive start of preseason, followed by a return to the structure of regular season. There could be the change of an addition to the family, the difficulty of managing an injury, a change from one team to the next, or even the disappointment of being released and having to think about what’s next.  Regardless of the type of change, there are a few things that you can put in place to increase your likelihood of success in your next steps.

  • Use your resources: Whether getting used to the structure of the season, adjusting to the change of a new team and city, or navigating a recent injury, you have a ton of resources available to you.  You’ve earned them, so use them.  Don’t let them go to waste! If you have any questions about your resources contact the Director of Wellness, Nyaka NiiLampti
  • Make concrete goals and move toward them:  What are your goals for the season?  For each practice?  For this coming year?  And what are the steps you need to take to accomplish them? Failing to make goals is failing to put yourself in position for success.  But also allow yourself to be flexible and alter your goals when something happens that might make a specific goal unattainable.
  • Engage in self-care:  Pay attention to your own needs and feelings. Make sure that you’re managing them in a healthy way.
  • Connect with your support system:  It’s easy to isolate yourself when changes happen, especially if they’re negative.  Remaining connected to your support system is one of the most important things you can do to help you manage change in a healthy way.
  • Keep learning: The more you learn, the more you grow.  It’s as simple as that.

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