• 60 Heroes: Gene Upshaw's Legacy

    Posted 12/25/2016

    The late NFLPA Executive Director's Illustrious Career

  • 60 Heroes: A New Kind of Leadership

    Posted 12/24/2016

    DeMaurice Smith has used diverse background to create positive change as NFLPA’s Executive Director

  • 60 Heroes: The Players' Advocate

    Posted 12/23/2016

    Gene Keating helps fight several battles for players and their rights

  • 60 Heroes: Accepting His Role in the Labor Fight

    Posted 12/22/2016

    After being thrust to the forefront, Karl Mecklenburg was a key figure in the 1987 strike

  • 60 Heroes: An Outspoken Champion for Justice

    Posted 12/21/2016

    Dave Meggyesy threw his efforts behind the fight for labor and civil rights

  • 60 Heroes: Helping Others Catch On

    Posted 12/20/2016

    Tim Brown committed himself to educating and advocating for his fellow players

  • 60 Heroes: Ed Glennon's Counsel Key in Mackey Victory

    Posted 12/19/2016

    Glennon’s legal leadership crucial in several NFLPA court battles

  • 60 Heroes: Sam McCullum's Fearless Leadership

    Posted 12/19/2016

    Wide receiver ignored threats from others in the name of player rights

  • 60 Heroes: Sacrifice and Strength for the Greater Good

    Posted 12/19/2016

    Freeman McNeil’s leadership helps usher in a new system of free agency

  • 60 Heroes: Creighton Miller Unites the Players

    Posted 12/18/2016

    The lawyer and former player guides players to form the NFLPAThe lawyer and former player guides players to form the NFLPA