While John Potter played in the NFL as a kicker for four years, he also taught himself to build websites.  These skills, along with his general tech knowledge and his link connection to sports helped build Starters, a community of thought leaders and influencers in the sports tech world.

Starters began on Slack, a messaging app perfect for Potter and his community of sports tech experts.  The community continued to grow and Potter, who had already started his own company called Sport’d to connect athletes with camps, coaching and training near their homes, saw Starters’ potential. 

Since leaving Slack and relaunching their website, Starters still maintains its original identity.  Starters continues to be an engaging community of innovators in the sports tech field, helping connect sports athletics and technology in a way that can help make life easier and safer for athletes and fans.  Using Starters as a platform, sports tech startups can help grow their network and collaborate with like-minded individuals and companies in the rapidly growing industry.

As a former player, Potter brings a unique perspective in understanding the value of Starters and the NFLPA’s partnership.

I’ve personally experienced how unpredictable life in the NFL can be, but was lucky enough to find my way into the world of startups and tech. That is why I’m so excited about helping fellow players find a way to get involved as well. Not just by contributing their money and influence, but by actually being ingrained in the fabric of sports technology -- by using their knowledge, network, and personal skills. It’s a chance to have real roles in these companies and utilize the talents players have outside of football.

John Potter

Continuously searching for new opportunities for its members, the NFLPA and its marketing and licensing subsidiary, NFL Players Inc., were one of the first onboard with Starters, even when it was a sports tech Slack community. 

"The NFLPA is always looking to stay on the cutting edge of sports technology and exploring new opportunities for players and fans alike," President of NFL Players Inc. Ahmad Nassar said. "Participating in the Starters community helps us do this by connecting with thought leaders and being directly involved in the conversation.” 

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