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Andrew Hawkins: Life After the NFL

By Unnamed Columnist, Morgan Stanley 

Andrew Hawkins knew his marriage to football would end in divorce—a truism for most athletes.

But he wanted his breakup to be an amicable one. When he announced his retirement from the New England Patriots and the NFL before the start of the 2017 season, he had already earned a Master of Science in Sports Management from Columbia University’s business school during the offseason. He had also reached out to anyone he thought might be able to help him figure out what would come next.

One of those people turned out to be Drew Hawkins, a Managing Director and Head of Morgan Stanley’s Global Sports & Entertainment division. Andrew and Drew laugh at the quirk of sharing the same name.

“I did a search in LinkedIn to find my own page, and this guy pops up,” Andrew recalls. Intrigued, he read and watched some of Drew’s postings about the struggles that many athletes have with the financial part of their game. Then Andrew reached out and introduced himself to Drew.

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Former NFL Lineman Gives Madden Pro-Style Insight

By Marco Santana, Orlando Sentinel

The number of pro football players who contact former NFL offensive lineman Clint Oldenburg spikes twice a year: once to gripe about their Madden video-game rankings and once to request free games.

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton wanted to sprint for him in 2014 to prove that his post-surgery speed downgrade was too severe in EA Madden NFL 18, said Oldenburg, a game designer on Electronic Arts’ Maitland-built franchise.

“He had just had foot surgery and he wanted to run a 40 (yard dash) to prove he was fine,” he said. “But it’s all in good fun.”

The latest version of the 29-year-old franchise, which first appeared on the Apple II series of computers in 1988, was released Aug. 25. The game was the most downloaded PlayStation 4 game in August.

The game has become a staple in NFL locker rooms and hotel rooms, with players often seen at public events or featured in news clips about Madden. That has helped the franchise become one of just 16 video-game franchises to ever sell more than $4 billion worth of games.

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Chad Brown: Catching Up with Former NFLPA Reps

By Beth Anne Pierce, Former Player Services

Chad Brown played 15 years in the league, while also serving as a player representative for five of those seasons from ’00 – ‘05.  The linebacker’s outstanding career marks him a three-time Pro Bowler, two-time All Pro selection, and AFC Champion with the New England Patriots in 1995. We were able to catch up with Brown about his experiences on and off the field.

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Living Heart Foundation

The Living Heart Foundation (LHF) has been providing former players with heart screenings for years in an effort educate players about the risks of cardiovascular disease. Through the generation of awareness throughout the former player community, the LHF has identified risks in countless players and ultimately saved lives. Their comprehensive database has allowed the LHF to develop proper education and lifestyle programs that are catered specifically to former players. Through several yearly screenings, the LHF is dedicated to serving as many former players as possible to provide them with the healthiest lives possible.

The LHF was established by retired cardiac surgeon, and former NFL player, Arthur J. Roberts, M.D. in April 2001 to combat sudden cardiac death and to provide risk stratification with early intervention for cardiac, pulmonary, and metabolic conditions through on-site screening and integrated health programs.

LHF has been dedicated to providing these services to specific groups that traditionally have been overlooked, especially high school, college and professional athletes.

Upcoming Screenings: More Coming Soon.

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The NFLPA Okahoma Chapter signed and delivered footballs to every child in the St. Francis Children's Hospital on September 17th.
The NFLPA Nashville Chapter had a great time with the Special Olympics organization! (Left to right: Coach Eddie Khayat, Roger Jones, Ross Browner).
 If your chapter is going out in the community to help others, we want to acknowledge you too. Please send photos and descriptions to 

When NFL Retirement Is Just The Beginning

By Troy Ruediger, Forbes

This Q&A with Ryan Mundy originally appeared on Starters, as part of the Starters Live Chat series, where members of the community ask questions and gain insight from leaders working at the intersection of sports and technology. 

Ryan Mundy, a native of Pittsburgh, played eight years as a professional athlete in the National Football League. Now the chief strategist at Techlete Ventures, he’s committed to achieving his personal goals while helping other individuals do the same. He’s attacking the next phase of his professional career with the same vision, work ethic and discipline that allowed him to excel on the football field. His new "sport" is venture investing. As a venture investor he's focused on early-stage technology companies that are aiming to benefit from cultural shifts to enhance the way that we live, work and play.

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Smartphone App Helps Teens Recover From Concussions, Study Suggests 

By CBS New York

Rachel Butler suffered a number of concussions over a five-year span, and though she was treated for them by a doctor, her symptoms never quite went away, CBS2’s Dr. Max Gomez reported.

“I had really bad headaches. I would sleep so much. I was really irritable all the time,” she said.

Then, her doctor suggested using a smartphone app called SuperBetter. It’s a game that makes the patient the hero in a personal recovery story, battling foes along the way, like dizziness and headaches.

“Instead of, ‘I’m so frustrated, I can’t get rid of this headache,’ it rewrites it to say, ‘Did you battle the headache bad-guy today? And if so, how did you do?’” explained researcher Lise Worthen-Chaudhari, of the Ohio State Wexner Medical Center.

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Medical/Wellness Services
A former NFL player’s health is the starting point for a successful transition to life after football. The Trust’s medical/wellness program is designed to assess health needs and provide world-class medical services.


The Brain & Body Assessment is designed to assess the health needs of eligible former players who have been removed from the National Football League for less than 15 years.


The Milestone Wellness Assessment is designed to assess the health needs of eligible former players who have been removed from the National Football League for more than 15 years.

Learn More

Former Player Services Department

We are "One Team",
built around a fraternity of former NFL Players who are aligned, connected and engaged, working together in life beyond football.


Nolan Harrison III, MBA
Senior Director
Lorenzo Kaufman
Senior Manager
Garrett Wooddell
Kate Bell
Terran Foster
I Am The Trust
Listen to former players who have used our services talk about their experiences with our partners and programs.
Duration: 3:58

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Health, Career, Education and Lifestyle Programs for Former Players.


Bahati VanPelt
Executive Director

Professional Athletes Foundation

Gene Upshaw Players Assistance Trust (PAT)
Helping players in need.

Andre' Collins
Executive Director
Tyrone Allen
Caryl Banks
Leslie Isler


NFLPA Benefits Department

Available to answer player benefits and insurance questions.

800-372-2000 x159

Miki Yaras-Davis
Sr. Director
Bethany Marshall
Chris Smith
Asst. Director
Adora Williams
Sr. Manager
Brian Francis

NFLPA National Office

1133 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00am - 5:30pm EST

NFL Player Benefits Office

Baltimore, MD
NFL Benefits Office for T&P, Disability, Plan 88, pension, second career, annuity and other benefits filing.

Former Player Life Improvement Plan

Joint replacement, discount prescription card, assisted living and more.
Lifetime Membership
Please update your contact information to earn your free lifetime membership and to learn more about what the Former Player Services Department offers our players. Renew your membership online through your profile page on or with the Membership Application

Thank you for your
commitment to the union
who has fought for, and will continue to fight for, our rare and special fraternity. You can also call the NFLPA and ask to speak with Membership Services at 800-372-2000 if you have any membership or internet questions.

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Player Emergency Help
NFL Get Help Hotline
Monetary grants for qualified vested former players experiencing hardships.
Off the Field is the national football player wives association 
Click HERE for more information on
Off The Field Players' Wives Association
Save 30% on a custom bobblehead of your favorite player at All Bobble Heads.
Stock up on your favorite NFL gear from Fanatics. 
Receive one year of complimentary service with access to identity theft monitoring from Identity  Guard.
Save big on a full range of personal and corporate investigative services from Corporate Security Solutions, Inc. 
Receive special monthly pricing for all levels of access for you and a friend or family member at 24 Hour Fitness.
Check out the latest in training innovation with performance and skill training products for a variety of sports with SKLZ.
The links above will direct you to the company website.
To access the discount codes, sign in at

Transition Resources

Featured Partners

The YMCA believes in strengthening individuals and communities. With a presence in 10,000 neighborhoods across the country, the Y has the reach and ability to help you transition to life off the playing field.

All former players are eligible with an NFLPA Former Player Membership. 

To Access the Free 
YMCA Membership:
If you have 2 or more Credited Seasons
Click Here to Email The Trust
If you have less than 2 Credited Seasons
Click Here to Email the FPSD
Please include the player's name,  player's NFLPA ID number, YMCA name, and YMCA city and state. 

You will receive a confirmation email once the email is received. 

Health Partners

Video: Football Players Health Study at Harvard University
Partnering with Former Players: A Collaboration

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Business Mentoring

With over 13,000 volunteers in 347 chapters, SCORE has the expertise you need to succeed.

Use the Chapter Locator to find a SCORE office near you and request a free face to face mentoring meeting.


The NFLPA has partnered with Penn State World Campus to support the educational needs of NFLPA members. The World Campus offers more than 100 accredited graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, certificates, and minors.

Penn State ranked as the No. 1 institution in the nation for producing the best-prepared, most well-rounded graduates who are most able to succeed once hired, according to a survey by The Wall Street Journal.

Penn State World Campus offers NFLPA members a tuition reduction benefit for all degree and certificate programs. Learn more about how you can receive a top-quality education, completed at your convenience, from one of the world’s most renowned universities. 

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