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Hall of Famer Rod Carew received his new heart and kidney from Konrad Reuland, a former NFL player
Hall of Famer Rod Carew underwent a successful heart and kidney transplant in Los Angeles  in December. Carew, now 71, had been using a mechanical device to pump blood following a massive heart attack in September 2015.

According to Garrett Downing, the heart and kidney Carew received came from former NFL player Konrad Reuland. Reuland, who played for four teams during his career, died at 29 due to a brain aneurysm in December. Coincidentally, Reuland and Carew met years earlier, when Reuland was 11.

Here's more from Downing:

Unbeknownst to Carew, Konrad Reuland, a little boy he had met nearly 20 years earlier, died three days later.

Two days after that, Carew received the call he had been waiting for – he would be getting a new heart and kidney. He underwent a 13-hour procedure to receive the transplants.

The surgery was a success, and the Carews were eternally grateful to the man whose heart and kidney Rod had received. Rod's wife, Rhonda, had friends who had seen the news of Reuland's death and asked her if that was the heart he received, but they had no way of knowing.

The Carews initially had no information about the donor other than the man's age. But that detail alone was enough to leave them in awe. Rod's campaign to fight heart disease was called the Heart of 29, in honor of the number he wore throughout his baseball career.
They didn't know it at the time, but he had, in fact, received the heart of 29-year-old Konrad.

The Reuland family was initially unaware of who received their son's heart and kidney. It wasn't until weeks later that Reuland's mother Mary was able to connect the dots, and later confirm her son's heart and kidney had indeed gone to Carew.

This is believed to be the first organ transplant between two professional athletes.

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Former NFL player joins Michigan state police

Cam Gordon received a conditional job offer, allowing him to become a member of the next recruiting school class
By PoliceOne Staff

LANSING, Mich. — A former New England Patriots linebacker is starting a new career and joining the Michigan State Police.
Cam Gordon, 25, told The Detroit News that after he was cut by the Kansas City Chiefs, he realized he wasn’t playing at his full potential.
“I said, ‘What is another career that will allow me to have an impact, have influence on younger kids and also leave behind a positive legacy?’ Instantly, state trooper — law enforcement — jumped into my mind,” Gordon said.
Last week, the agency approached Gordon with a conditional job offer, securing his place in the next recruiting school.
His offer comes as nearly 250 troopers are set to retire between June 2018 and September 2020, the publication reported. Spokeswoman Shanon Banner said the graduates from six large recruiting classes are set to reach the threshold that gives them full state benefits after retirement.
Police officials asked for an additional $9.2 million in 2018 to train 100 new troopers, which would bring the total number of state police to the highest point since 2003.

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Employment Opportunity
Executive Director
Council of Western State Foresters

Executive Director Position Advertisement 

The Council of Western State Foresters (CWSF) seeks an Executive Director to provide leadership, coordination, strategic planning and public outreach on behalf of the organization. The Executive Director also serves as the Western Forestry Leadership Coalition (WFLC) Executive Director. The WFLC is a coalition between the CWSF and the western USDA Forest Service leadership.  

The Executive Director serves the CWSF in accordance with the CWSF Bylaws, as a full-time, salaried exempt employee who will report to and be guided by the CWSF Executive Committee and WFLC Executive Board. This position supervises the staff and contractors of the CWSF and will retain the ultimate responsibility for achieving west-wide CWSF and WFLC goals and objectives.

Duties and Core Responsibilities

  • Provides focused leadership, executive level decision making and a centralized point of contact for addressing current and emerging natural resources issues of west-wide importance.
  • Serves as a point of contact for the CWSF, WFLC, the National Association of State Foresters (NASF), the USDA Forest Service (Forest Service), other State and Federal Agencies, private and non-profit organizations and the general public in fulfilling information requests and providing leadership and coordination on current and emerging issues in the west, program development and budgeting, communications, marketing, legislative affairs and other important strategic actions.
  • Serves as a liaison and resource on forestry issues to key national and regional partner organizations.
  • Represents the CWSF and WFLC in discussions on issues of west-wide concern, to include legislative outreach, budget planning and execution, policy development, program delivery, regional and national meetings with partners, work planning and prioritization and promotion of western activities.
  • Cooperates, in consultation with western Forest Service Research Stations, research organizations, colleges and universities and others, in pointing out needs for improved or new scientific research and methods to increase effectiveness in natural resource management.
  • Ensures successful delivery of the CWSF Strategic Plan and the WFLC Strategic Plan and identification of annual priorities.
For the whole job description and how to apply click here

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How to Get Your Great Ideas Heard with Just One Page of Proposal

Do you feel painful when you’re reading a proposal with hundreds of pages? The same feeling goes for people who write them.

People struggle about how to write a good and comprehensive proposal and get their ideas heard. But they don’t want to receive a comment saying ‘too long didn’t read’. So it’s time to make good use of executive summary to highlight your ideas as no one will really read through every single word if there’re hundreds of pages.

An executive summary summarizes a report, proposal, or any kind of document. Unlike an abstract, an executive summary is a condensed version of the full document rather than an overview or orientation. It is mainly produced for business proposals, allowing readers to be rapidly acquainted with a large body of material without actually reading it.

A good executive summary can impress your readers immediately. Here I’ll provide everything you need for a good executive summary.

An executive summary is your pitch.

Imagine you’re in a bookstore looking for a book. How would you decide which one to be bought? I’m sure you’ll have a look at the cover, and then turn to its back and read its summary.
An executive summary is similar. It is an essential gateway for your business plan to get read. The aim of it is to grab readers’ attention and make them want to know more about whatever the document is presenting.

While for an entrepreneur, the one who writes the document, it is also important. Writing an executive summary helps you to develop a better vision of your business, and you have a more visualized picture of your story. You will come to know which aspect of your company has the clearest selling points and which requires more clarification.

For the full article click here

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Is My Stress Level Too High?
Maybe it’s your demanding boss, morning gridlock, or relationship problems with a friend or family member. Whatever the cause, it’s likely you experience some level of stress on a daily basis.

But while some day-to-day stress is normal (and can even be a good thing if it motivates you), chronic, overwhelming stress can have a negative impact on your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Knowing how to spot the signs and symptoms that you’re under too much stress can help you stay aware and address the issues before they harm your health.

Physical Signs

You might be overly stressed without even knowing it. Maybe you have certain physical symptoms and blame it on an illness or other condition. But the truth is, stress itself can cause problems in your organs, tissues, and just about every system in your body.

Depending on how you handle stress, you might have symptoms that affect everything from your hormones to your heart, and more.

Some of the physical signs that your stress levels are too high include:

Pain or tension in your head, chest, stomach, or muscles. Your muscles tend to tense up when you’re stressed, and over time this can cause headaches, migraines, or musculoskeletal problems.

Digestive problems. These can include diarrhea and constipation, or nausea and vomiting. Stress can affect how quickly food moves through your system and the way your intestines absorb nutrients.

Reproductive issues. Stress can cause changes to your sex drive, problems with irregular or painful periods in women, or impotence and problems with sperm production in men. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you might also feel reduced sexual desire when you’re under too much stress.

Changes to your heart rate and blood pressureWhen you’re overwhelmed with stress, your body goes into “fight-or-flight” mode, which triggers your adrenal glands to release the hormones cortisol and adrenaline. These can make your heart beat faster and your blood pressure rise.

For the full article click here

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Off the Field is the national football player wives association 
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