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Dear Former Players,

This is an exciting time for the membership and those who enjoy the mantle of leadership. Many chapters have had elections and the current election of a at large board member is currently underway. At our convention in a couple of weeks there will be additional election for the national board seats.

With all of this activity it is important to educate the membership on the duties and responsibilities of the board and the local presidents. The board of directors act in an advisory capacity to the former player services department. The board chairman with one other elected board member have seats on the current players executive committee, advising them on former player issues.

Below is the language from our NFLPA Chapter Regulations describing the duties and responsibilities of these positions. We are looking forward to working with the current and new officers to make 2017 as great as 2016 was.

Duties of Former Players Board of Directors

  • The Board of Directors will be assigned to 3 or more chapters and provide mentor leadership to ensure those assign chapters follow their “game plans” and adhere to the six requirements of chapter eligibility. 
  • They will meet, via call or video conference (Skype), with their assigned chapter presidents regularly and submit bimonthly progress reports to the Board Chairman and the FPSD staff.
  • The Board of Directors will perform all duties of discipline referenced in the chapter by-laws section 3.8.
  • The Board of Directors will cooperate with the staff of the NFLPA in the promotion and operation of NFLPA programs and initiatives and advance the policies and interests of the NFLPA.
Duties of Chapter Officers

PRESIDENT (See also: Local Bylaws Article 4.1 in Exhibit A, page 16)
  • The President must possess a general knowledge of all NFLPA benefits, discounts, and appropriate contacts.
  • The President must have an active email account that is checked frequently and an overall proficiency in technology.
  • The President must be available to attend the annual Leadership meeting and convention.
  • The President will cooperate with the staff of the NFLPA in the promotion and operation of NFLPA programs and initiatives and advance the policies and interests of the NFLPA.
  • The President must recruit 12 players that have not been active within the past 3 years to attend a chapter meeting or community event.
  • Each President must update the FPSD and their assigned FPBOD member quarterly on their recruitment progress.
If you have a desire to take part in leadership and continue to strengthen our fraternity make sure to get involved in your local NFLPA former players chapters. Visit to see the upcoming events in your area and call the FPSD to get in touch with your local chapter leadership.
In Solidarity,
NFLPA Legal Department
NFLPA Former Player Services Department

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Scottie Graham
Current: Senior Associate Athletics Director at Arizona State University

Education: The Ohio State University


Dedicated and mission-oriented senior level candidate with more than 18 years of corporate sports management, leadership and program development experience. Engaging presence that contributes to high degree of success in building member trust and developing corporate relationships. Strong combination of public speaking and networking acumen with proven leadership and motivational skills. Exceptional visionary focus and storytelling capabilities that lend to an innate ability to develop appropriate strategic plans and achieve targeted results.

NFL Playing Experience:
Cincinnati Bengals Football Club, 1997
Minnesota Vikings Football Club, 1993–1997
New York Jets Football Club, 1992–1993

  • Relationship Development
  • Program Development
  • Analytical Skills 
  • Press Interaction
  • Process Improvement 
  • Seminar Development 
  • Confidentiality 
  • Fundraising 
  • Community Involvement 

Senior Associate Athletics Director
Jun 2014 – Present

As a Senior Associate Athletics Director I provide support in all areas of student athlete development and welfare. Additionally, I work directly with designated sports to provide assistance with operations and program development. I also work with Jean Boyd’s national championship-caliber academic staff in the Office of Student-Athlete Development.
NFL Players Association
Director of Player Engagement
Mar 2010 – Jun 2014

Cultivate, maintain and enhance relationships and trust with current and former players. Build relationships and increase familiarity with key partners across all NFL PLAYERS business categories. Serve as liaison between the Player Services Department and other internal departments. Manage select on-site execution elements of player involvement in NFL PLAYERS events. Support VP in communications to/from NFL PLAYERS and membership. Interact, communicate and foster relationships with players and the NFLPA membership, stakeholders and partners. Work with Player Services to identify and gather time-sensitive materials; lead overall procurement process for outstanding inventory and service fulfillment. Attend relevant events and represent NFL PLAYERS to current and prospective athletes.

To view Scottie’s full LinkedIn profile click here

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60 Heroes: Mike Vrabel, A Winner On and Off the Field

Three-time Super Bowl Champion Mike Vrabel was an influential leader during the 2011 lockout.  His 14 NFL seasons gave him a wealth of experience, knowledge and leadership skills to help get a deal done.  Although he retired after the lockout ended, trading in his cleats for a coach’s headset, Vrabel ensured the men he now coaches will play in a fairer, safer league than he did. 
Drafted by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 1997 draft, Vrabel spent four years with the club, beginning his involvement with the NFLPA as the team’s Co-Alternate Player Rep.  His activity with the union grew during his time with the New England Patriots, the team with which he won all of his Super Bowl Championships.  As the club’s Player Rep and a member of the Executive Committee, Vrabel became one of the union’s leaders.  He was elected as a NFLPA Vice President and served as a critical member of the committee that negotiated with the owners during the 2011 lockout. 

He was outspoken and vocal, leading off the field just as he would on the field.  Vrabel retired in 2011, just months after negotiating a new CBA.  After retirement, Vrabel started his coaching career, first coaching linebackers at his alma mater Ohio State and now coaching the same position for the Houston Texans.  


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The men of the ChiTown Chapter

FRONT ROW (L to R): Ahmad Merritt, Michael Blair, Mike Martin, Wendell Davis, Mike Wilson, Dan Morjal, Rashied Davis, Tom Serpento, Carter Campbell

BACK ROW (L to R): Desmond Clark, Marcus Robinson, Greg Bloedorn, Brent Novoselsky, Mark Dennis, Marques Sullivan, Anthony Herron, Brian Glasgow, Jim Morrissey, Reggie Smith, Angelo Loukas, Cornelius Parks, Paul Ernster
The DC Chapter elections meeting
Steve Atwater, Nolan Harrison, Darryl Pounds, Otis Smith, John Booty, Rocky McIntosh, cliff Cosby, Doug Nettles, Marcus Dowtin, Phil Bryant, DeAndre Owens, Jeris White, Virgil Seay, Carl Kammers, Raleigh McKenzie, Joey Haynes, Ricky Ray, Calvin Snowden, Spain Musgrove
The men of the Phoenix Chapter at the elections meeting! The future is bright!
The men of the San Antonio / Austin Chapter

BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Anthony Brown, Eric Beverly, Rance Olison Sr, Rod Walker, Rance Olison Jr.

The men of the Mississippi Chapter
The men of the Denver Chapter joined by Sr Dir Nolan Harrison for the Chapter Meet Up!
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TED Talk: Why work doesn't happen at work
Jason Fried has a radical theory of working: that the office isn't a good place to do it. At TEDxMidwest he lays out the main problems (call them the M&Ms) and offers three suggestions to make work work.

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5 Strategies to Ace the Job Search
by Isabel Sperry | February 21, 2017

Looking for a new job can be daunting, and you may be unsure how to begin the process. So here are some concrete strategies you can take to become a more impressive candidate and improve your chances at landing a job.

1. Develop a running list of job applications

One of the easiest things you can do to streamline your job search is create a spreadsheet that lists all your applications, due dates, and points of contact. Organizing this information in one place can keep you from missing a deadline or becoming lost in a sea of applications. After developing the list, you should set a realistic goal for how many applications you plan to complete per week, to hold yourself accountable.

2. Choose the jobs you apply for wisely

Do yourself a favor by applying to a variety of jobs. On the most basic level, the more applications you submit, the more job interviews you might receive. However, this rule only holds true if you conduct research in advance to make sure you’re applying for positions whose qualifications you meet, and that would be a strong fit for you. If you are lucky enough to receive an interview from a firm and discover during the course of the interview that a key aspect of the job doesn’t appeal to you, then you are wasting both your and the employer’s time. Once you find a company and position that you think would be a strong fit, research competitor companies and apply to similar positions there, to increase your chances of getting hired for that kind of job.

3. Leverage your contacts

No matter how many job applications you submit, you might not hear back from an employer if you don’t have a contact there. This fact can be difficult to swallow, but the reality is a personal connection greatly increases your chance at advancing in an application process. Reach out to a friend in the industry, connect with an alum from your college on LinkedIn, or follow up with someone you met at a networking event. You never know who might help you connect with a recruiter at a company that interests you. Make it a goal to reach out to at least three people every week who might be able to help you with your career.

4. Get a professional to review your résumé

Your résumé is often the first impression an employer gets of you, so you should make sure it is as strong as possible. It can be difficult to be discerning with your own résumé after looking at it countless times, so a fresh perspective can help. Before applying for jobs, get a professional such as a career coach or a recruiter to review your résumé and provide you with feedback. Not only is this a guaranteed way to improve your résumé, but it can also help differentiate you from other candidates who don’t take this extra step of revision when writing their own résumés.

5. Practice your interview

You may think that simply reviewing potential questions and answers in your head is all you need to do to prepare for a job interview. Yet an interview is by nature two-sided, so it can be extremely helpful to practice with a family member or friend in advance. Before you begin, provide the person with a list of questions you think you might receive in the real interview. You should also ask the person to develop new questions for you, so you can practice thinking on your feet. Who knows, you might receive one of those questions in the real interview, which you might not have prepared for otherwise. Not only can a practice interview provide you with helpful feedback, but it can also give you confidence in your ability to succeed and increase your chances at landing the job.

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5 Reasons Men Die Too Young and What You Can Do About It

The good news is that every one of these things is under your control


The average life expectancy for men is 5 years shorter than it is for women, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
The stat is sobering, but it can also be a wake-up call to take better care of yourself.
In light of Movember—the movement that encourages men to grow mustaches in November and has raised more than $700 million for men’s health since 2003—consider taking action.
Growing a ‘stache or donating is a great first step, but change can start closer to home, too.
Read on for five of the most important things you can do to prevent yourself from becoming a statistic.

For the full article click here

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I Am The Trust
Listen to former players who have used our services talk about their experiences with our partners and programs.
Duration: 3:58

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To learn more about the many transition offerings of The Trust, visit their website by clicking here.

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We are "One Team", built around a fraternity of former NFL Players who are aligned, connected and engaged, working together in life beyond football.

800-372-2000 x132

Nolan Harrison III, MBA
Senior Director
Dee Becker
Assistant Director
Lorenzo Kaufman
Senior Manager
Amber C.Edwards
Membership Services Coordinator
Garrett Wooddell

NFLPA National Office

1133 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00am - 5:30pm EST

Lifetime Membership
Please update your contact information  to earn your free lifetime membership and to learn more about what the Former Player Services Department offers our players. Renew your membership online through your profile page on or with the Membership Application

Thank you for your
commitment to the union
who has fought for, and will continue to fight for, our rare and special fraternity. You can also call Membership Services at 202-756-9165 if you have any membership or internet questions.

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Player Emergency Help
NFL Get Help Hotline
Health, Career, Education and Lifestyle Programs for Former Players
Bahati VanPelt | Executive Director

Benefits Department

Available to answer player benefits and insurance questions.

800-372-2000 x155
Miki Yaras-Davis | Sr. Director
Bethany Marshall | Director
Chris Smith | Asst. Director
Adora Williams | Sr. Manager
Brian Francis | Coordinator

Professional Athletes Foundation

Gene Upshaw Players Assistance Trust (PAT)
Helping players  in need.

800-372-2000 x166

Andre Collins | Executive Director
Tyrone Allen | Director
Caryl Banks | Manager
Leslie Isler | Coordinator
Monetary grants for qualified vested former players experiencing hardships.

NFL Player Benefits Office

Baltimore, MD
NFL Benefits Office for T&P, Disability, Plan 88, pension, second career, annuity and other benefits filing.

Former Player Life Improvement Plan

Joint replacement, discount prescription card, assisted living and more.
Off the Field is the national football player wives association 
Click HERE for more information on Off The Field Players' Wives Association
We are pleased to feature our  rewards partnership with 
Club Glove, USA -
the finest American-made luggage on the planet. Chosen by over 90% of PGA Tour players. Limited lifetime warranty.
16 colors available. 
To Activate:
Click Here and visit 'Home, Outdoor, and Leisure'
Get Ready for the
Big Game!
Check out the savings on some of our favorite hotels
But first, you need to
get to Houston

You can use the NFLPA travel agent, World Travel
Or the Union Plus Travel Center
If you've never used an Uber, check out our car rental discounts
Avis Car Rental
Dollar Rent A Car
Enterprise Rent A Car
Hertz Car Rental
Thrifty Car Rental
You can always watch the game in your
Man Cave

Deck the Walls with PaintZen
Create your own football stadium with Fathead
Pump up the vulume with Bose
Don't forget to wear your (favorite team) jersey with Fanatics and
ONETeam Shop
The links above will direct you to the company website.
To access the discount codes, sign in at

Transition Resources

Featured Partners

The YMCA believes in strengthening individuals and communities. With a presence in 10,000 neighborhoods across the country, the Y has the reach and ability to help you transition to life off the playing field.

All former players are eligible with an NFLPA Former Player Membership. (Former players with 2+ credited seasons are eligible through The Trust.)

To access the free YMCA membership, email the YMCA name and City, State to 

Health Partners

Video: Football Players Health Study at Harvard University
Partnering with Former Players: A Collaboration

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Former players can sign up to receive a questionnaire by clicking here.
If you and your family do not have health insurance, the NFLPA is proud to recommend Working America Health Care.  In collaboration with GoHealth, Working America Health Care offers you:
  • information about health care law
  • an easy way to shop for health insurance
  • the lowest rates available
Don't sit on the bench and miss out on this unique opportunity.

Call 800-907-8683 or visit the NFLPA specific website.

Business Mentoring

With over 13,000 volunteers in 347 chapters, SCORE has the expertise you need to succeed.

Use the Chapter Locator to find a SCORE office near you and request a free face to face mentoring meeting.


The NFLPA has partnered with Penn State World Campus to support the educational needs of NFLPA members. The World Campus offers more than 100 accredited graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, certificates, and minors.

Penn State ranked as the No. 1 institution in the nation for producing the best-prepared, most well-rounded graduates who are most able to succeed once hired, according to a survey by The Wall Street Journal.

Penn State World Campus offers NFLPA members a tuition reduction benefit for all degree and certificate programs. Learn more about how you can receive a top-quality education, completed at your convenience, from one of the world’s most renowned universities. 

Social Networks

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Don't forget to for updates and information about all players. One Team!
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Nolan Harrison III, MBA
Senior Director, Former Player Services
NFL Player 1991 - 2000
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