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Former player and Ex-Wilmington High football star Mike Esposito’s invention is on the level
Mike Esposito talks about his ÔBeny' level tool as the device rests against a couple different surfaces Friday at Scannell Boiler works in Lowell.
By David Pevear

LOWELL -- He points to a knee, to a shoulder, to an ankle, to his neck. Having just been asked which injuries from his football glory days still pain him, 61-year-old Mike Esposito keeps pointing to body parts.
"It's a sick game," says Esposito, a former star running back at Wilmington High and Boston College who played three NFL seasons with the Atlanta Falcons before his career was ended by a flunked physical in Houston because of his injuries.
After providing his listener with a quick tour of crushed vertebrae, numb fingers, long-gone cartilage and long-ago touchdown runs, Esposito points to a funny-looking plastic device on a table in front of Esposito, who studied history and marketing at BC while rushing for 2,844 yards and scoring 27 touchdowns from 1972-74, channels his inner Thomas Edison; he describes an idea that came to him in his sleep after another day when he and a friend hobbled by Lyme disease labored to keep their construction projects straight and level.

Why isn't there an easy-to-use hands-free bubble level that attaches onto anything regardless of shape?
Inventor Mike Esposito displays his ÔBeny' level tool Friday at Scannell Boiler Works in Lowell. Though he's awaiting a patent, several masonry and hardware stores are already stocking it at $39.95.
Old aches and pains became the mother of invention. Such a device, "The Beny," was born late last year. Esposito named it after a friend's father.
One of Esposito's old college teammates, Tom Ward, a marketing coordinator for a private-equity firm, is in on the ground floor.

NT Medical in Wilmington manufactures Esposito's design. The level retails for $39.95 and is sold at a handful of lumber, masonry and hardware stores, including Martignetti Enterprises in Lowell.
"The Beny" website already teems with testimonials from satisfied users. An infomercial could be in the works. The patent is pending.
Dennis Scannell, former head football coach at Lowell High and UMass Lowell who is president of Lowell Iron and Steel on Tanner Street, rolled his eyes when Esposito, an old friend with a million ideas, first tried to explain his invention to him.

"I'm thinking, 'What is this? A part to a still? What is he getting me into?'" recalls Scannell, who back when he played football at Villanova, once caught BC's Esposito from behind at the 1-yard line on a kickoff return.
Scannell now sounds like he is auditioning for the infomercial, "It's better than I ever could have imagined," says Scannell, who has used Esposito's invention on numerous projects, including during the construction of the Richard P. Howe Bridge.

For the full story and video click here

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2006 graduate Maurice Simpkins was a double major in Computer Science and Business Administration. He was also a member of the 2003 inaugural football team at CCU. He now owns and operates AM Simpkins & Associates IT Consulting Company based in Atlanta, GA.
Coastal Now - Interview with 2006 Graduate Maurice Simpkins
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Brad Badger
Current: Real Estate, Oakland Raiders  
Education: Stanford University
Location: San Francisco Bay Area 
500+ Connections


Oakland Raiders
Corporate Partnerships Manager
Dates Employed Mar 2014 – Dec 2015
Alameda, CA
Denari Capital, LLC
Managing Partner
Dates Employed 2012 – 2013

Pro Player
Arizona Cardinals Football Club
Dates Employed 2007 Employment
Phoenix, Arizona Area
Oakland Raiders
Dates Employed 2002 – 2007
San Francisco Bay Area
Minnesota Vikings Football, LLC
Dates Employed 2000 – 2002 
Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul Area
Washington Redskins
Dates Employed 1997 – 2000 
Washington D.C. Metro Area
To see Brad’s full LinkedIn profile and network with him click here

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60 Heroes: Freeman McNeil - Sacrifice and Strength for the Greater Good

Selected third overall in the 1981 NFL draft, Freeman McNeil became one of the best running backs in league history, but his mark off the field truly cements his legacy.  As the main plaintiff in the NFLPA’s antitrust lawsuit filed against the NFL in 1990, McNeil was instrumental in earning his fellow players the right of free agency.
The NFLPA and the plaintiffs in this lawsuit fought to end the league’s “Plan B” free agency, a system implemented in 1989 that allowed clubs to assert exclusive rights to 37 veteran players at the end of each year and thereby prevent them from signing with another team.
The jury in the McNeil case found the Plan B free agency system was in violation of the antitrust laws and would no longer be in effect after the start of the 1992 season. Then, in 1993, the NFLPA reached a settlement with the owners that brought unrestricted free agency to NFL players for the first time in history.
During his 12-year career, all of which he spent with the New York Jets, McNeil was not able to search for the best deal or change teams in his prime. And although the former UCLA running back was not an NFLPA Player Rep at the time of the lawsuit, McNeil understood the bigger picture and overall significance of this case when he decided to become the lead plaintiff.  While four other plaintiffs received damages after winning the case, McNeil did not receive a penny.
Many current players and fans view free agency as a given, but in reality, several players like Freeman McNeil had to put their careers on the line for the benefit of all those who came after him.


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The men of the Denver Chapter
Left to right: Wade Manning, Larry Evans, Marv Montgomery, Jason Kaiser, Estes Banks, William Harris, Ed Smith, Derek Brown, Ken Lanier, Guest, Greg Boyd, Chris Brewer, Kevin Clark, and Mike Perez
The men of the South Florida Chapter
Left to right: Troy Drayton, Dwight Hollier, Arthur Marshall, Kijuana Carter, A J Duhe, Marq Cerqua, Nat Moore, Lincoln Coleman, SANTA, Cornelius Bennett, Eric Robinson,Matt Motrone, Vinny Sutherland, Ken Bungarda., Trent Gamble, Tyrone Johnson, Dick Anderson, Cedric Davis
Tampa Chapter making a difference in the community at the annual winter saftey land event.
#1 – Harold Hart, James Harrell & Greg Roberts
#2 – Harold Hart & Jackie Walker
#3 – Tyrone Keys & Harold Hart
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How to Make Sure You Don't Get Fired
by Jon Minners | January 24, 2017

You struggled through your job search, got through several rounds of job interviews, and survived the negotiation stage. You got the job! Congratulations. Now, the real work begins. Don’t blow the opportunity you received by becoming too comfortable at work, with your co-workers, or with your social media accounts. Here are simple tips to follow so you don’t get yourself fired:
1. Do the Work.
Sounds simple, but a lot of people work hard to get the job and then begin to slack off once they get to the workplace. What a lot of employees do not realize is that they are being watched very closely in the beginning. No one wants to get stuck with a bad employee, and the first few weeks and months of employment tend to be a probationary period in which employers decide if you truly are a good fit for the company. Consider your first few months on the job as another round in the job search, because if you fail this round, you may find yourself unemployed and back on your computer, scanning job boards for a better fit. Even if you get past the probationary period, you should never allow yourself to fall into a rut. The work you do now is grooming you for your future at the company and the rest of your career path.
2. Go Above and Beyond.
After you get your bearings, don’t just do your regular job; do your best to stand out from your co-workers. Whether it be managing up and anticipating your supervisor’s needs or helping your co-workers out on projects you find interesting, you need to make yourself indispensable to your employer. It’s hard to fire someone who doesn’t just do his or her own job well, but who helps others succeed, too.
3. Don't Expose Your Personal Views.
The first two points deal with actual work experience, but you can get fired for things you do outside your job duties as well. In recent months, especially during the election season, we’ve watched as several business professionals have come under fire for making racist and sexist comments dealing with the former POTUS and his wife. Those people have either been fired or have been pressured to resign, all because they decided to speak their minds in a way that was offensive to entire races, cultures, religions, and genders. They did so with the mistaken belief that they were protected under the First Amendment. And yes, they can’t go to jail for expressing their views, but free speech is not a protected class. It’s not the same as race, religion, sex, or disability. If you express hateful views, your company can terminate their relationship with you, especially if your comments impact the company’s reputation or its bottom line.
4. Be Careful About How You Use Social Media.
But social media is for my friends and family, so how can someone fire me for sharing something they aren’t supposed to see? Social media may be for friends and family, but if you do not check your settings, then offensive photos, posts, etc. might be seen by the public. In addition, if co-workers are friends, you may need to start becoming more selective about who you let in your social media circles. There are a lot of ways your employers can see what you don’t want them to see, so that time you called out sick, but were seen partying until all hours of the night on Snapchat, could come back to haunt you. The same can be said about photos highlighting your embarrassing behavior, especially if you are client-facing. Even a joking insult toward your company or supervisor on social media could pose a major problem for you if your employer discovers it. Just be careful.
5. Be Mindful of How Relationships at Work Affect Your Work.
We are currently asking business professionals to take our annual Office Romance Survey, which examines how many co-workers have engaged in a romance with a colleague. Through this survey, we find that many companies have a policy about dating in the workplace, but a great deal of survey respondents actually do not know what the policy is. What you do with a co-worker outside the office (and, in some cases, in the office) can ruin your stellar work performance, especially if it causes the company undue problems, such as decline in work productivity, co-worker discomfort, or even a potential sexual harassment case. Even if you are involved in a romantic relationship with a vendor, who is not really a co-worker, there is the chance that it could hurt the company’s bottom line. Your need to find love could result in a need for a new job.
Work is work. By its very name, it doesn’t have to be fun. In many cases, work is an enjoyable experience, but if you are going to work for all the wrong reasons, you may not be a good fit for the company … and they may discover that before you do. Play it safe.

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6 TED Talks That'll Help You Become a Better Version of Yourself
By Alyse Kalish

Whether we’re looking back on this year or onto the next, we all want to become better versions of who we currently are. We want to be smarter, kinder, more successful, more caring, less stressed. We want to be better employees, parents, friends, people.
But how do we do improve ourselves? Maybe it means finding our voice. Or taking risks. Or meeting new people. Or being vulnerable.
Whatever you want to become, you can do it—and here are six TED Talks that prove it. For the person who wants to...

For the six Ted Talks click here

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I Am The Trust
Listen to former players who have used our services talk about their experiences with our partners and programs.
Duration: 3:58

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To learn more about the many transition offerings of The Trust, visit their website by clicking here.

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We are "One Team", built around a fraternity of former NFL Players who are aligned, connected and engaged, working together in life beyond football.

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Player Emergency Help
NFL Get Help Hotline
Health, Career, Education and Lifestyle Programs for Former Players
Bahati VanPelt | Executive Director

Benefits Department

Available to answer player benefits and insurance questions.

800-372-2000 x155
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Professional Athletes Foundation

Gene Upshaw Players Assistance Trust (PAT)
Helping players  in need.

800-372-2000 x166

Andre Collins | Executive Director
Tyrone Allen | Director
Caryl Banks | Manager
Leslie Isler | Coordinator
Monetary grants for qualified vested former players experiencing hardships.

NFL Player Benefits Office

Baltimore, MD
NFL Benefits Office for T&P, Disability, Plan 88, pension, second career, annuity and other benefits filing.

Former Player Life Improvement Plan

Joint replacement, discount prescription card, assisted living and more.
Off the Field is the national football player wives association 
Click HERE for more information on Off The Field Players' Wives Association
We are pleased to feature our  rewards partnership with 
Club Glove, USA -
the finest American-made luggage on the planet. Chosen by over 90% of PGA Tour players. Limited lifetime warranty.
16 colors available. 
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Featured Partners

The YMCA believes in strengthening individuals and communities. With a presence in 10,000 neighborhoods across the country, the Y has the reach and ability to help you transition to life off the playing field.

All former players are eligible with an NFLPA Former Player Membership. (Former players with 2+ credited seasons are eligible through The Trust.)

To access the free YMCA membership, email the YMCA name and City, State to 

Health Partners

Video: Football Players Health Study at Harvard University
Partnering with Former Players: A Collaboration

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Former players can sign up to receive a questionnaire by clicking here.
If you and your family do not have health insurance, the NFLPA is proud to recommend Working America Health Care.  In collaboration with GoHealth, Working America Health Care offers you:
  • information about health care law
  • an easy way to shop for health insurance
  • the lowest rates available
Don't sit on the bench and miss out on this unique opportunity.

Call 800-907-8683 or visit the NFLPA specific website.

Business Mentoring

With over 13,000 volunteers in 347 chapters, SCORE has the expertise you need to succeed.

Use the Chapter Locator to find a SCORE office near you and request a free face to face mentoring meeting.


The NFLPA has partnered with Penn State World Campus to support the educational needs of NFLPA members. The World Campus offers more than 100 accredited graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, certificates, and minors.

Penn State ranked as the No. 1 institution in the nation for producing the best-prepared, most well-rounded graduates who are most able to succeed once hired, according to a survey by The Wall Street Journal.

Penn State World Campus offers NFLPA members a tuition reduction benefit for all degree and certificate programs. Learn more about how you can receive a top-quality education, completed at your convenience, from one of the world’s most renowned universities. 

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