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This is the last FPN of 2016! Happy Holidays and see you in 2017!


The office will be closed starting noon December 22nd and will reopen January 3rd.
Join us in Scottsdale, Arizona to reunite and network with teammates and other members of our awesome fraternity, hear from exciting guest speakers, participate in fun sports, skills competitions for prizes and participate in group excursions (sponsored by the NFLPA) and enjoy awesome evening social events.

2017 NFLPA Former Player Convention
Friday, March 17, 2017 - Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort & Spa/Gainey Ranch
7500 E. Doubletree Ranch Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258


The early bird credit that was being offered to the first 100 to register has now been filled. We already have over 100 former players registered for the convention! Don't give up! We always have players that back out for a variety of reasons and we are keeping track of when you register so continue to register early so that you can guarantee your spot and have some fun in the desert in March!

Born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, Muhsin Muhammad’s first trip to the southern part of the country occurred after he was drafted by the second-year Carolina Panthers in 1996. It would turn out to be a life-changing move.

By Jim Gehman
“I thought Charlotte was a great city,” Muhammad said. “I’m very fortunate to be drafted here, to a young organization that was building and could be a part of a city that was sort of on the rise in a part of the country that really had a lot of positive macroeconomic contributing factors.
“I love the city. It’s been labeled as a good place to raise a family. I have to agree with that. And at the time, I was starting a young family, as well.”
He was also starting what would be an incredible gridiron career. A two-time Pro Bowl wide receiver, Muhammad spent 14 seasons [1996-2009] in the NFL, 11 with the Panthers and three with the Chicago Bears, helping both teams reach a Super Bowl. What makes him most proud of his football success?
“I would say coming from a small town and only really starting one year of college football and being able to play for 14 years and do some pretty exciting things,” Muhammad said. “I was a running back and a linebacker (in high school) so it was a huge learning curve when I got to college and played receiver. I’m probably most proud of just being able to convert over to a new position and learn it and be successful at it.”
Also successful at his second career, Muhammad is a founder and managing partner at Axum Capital Partners in Charlotte.
“We’re a pretty standard private equity fund. We basically invest in the food and beverage space and early childhood education,” Muhammad said. “I think if you wanted to describe what we do in private equity, we just take small to midcap companies and we invest capital resources. We bring relationships with the goal to take the company from one stage, grow that company and then take it back to market to sell. That’s our focus.”
Muhammad sees similarities between his past days on a playing field and his present days in a business office.
“I would say throughout my NFL career, being a captain for multiple years and multiple Super Bowl teams, having to manage people, personalities; it was impeccable to the business world,” Muhammad said. “Understanding how to research and map out a strategy, put a game plan together, those are things that you do in business and football.
 “And really just developing a great team. Having a great group of people understanding that we all bring different qualities to the partnership and collectively, it’s those individual qualities that make the team what it is.”
Muhammad and his wife, Christa, live in the Charlotte area and have six children. Aside from Axum, he is also the president of the M2 Foundation for Kids.
“We run a basketball organization and there’s an educational component to it,” Muhammad said. “We help young ladies get scholarships to schools. The whole emphasis is just developing young people physically, educationally, emotionally and exposing them to things they wouldn’t otherwise have exposure to.”

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Dear Fellow Former Players & Friends,

This morning on my way to work, I blew my horn at a guy driving ahead of me. I was perfectly within my rights as a driver. He was blocking an intersection while there was clearly room to move up, get out of the way and not block traffic. I’m sure you get the picture.

What happened next startled me. And it happened fast. The guy got out of his car and moved toward my wife and me. For a moment I felt defenseless. What if he tried to damage my car or punched me through my open window? The only thing I could think to protect myself was to also get out of the car. So I did and I looked at him with my craziest eyes; trust me I wouldn’t have wanted to mess with me. Then I said to him GET BACK IN YOUR CAR! I said it a few times. I think a little foam came out of my mouth too! He thought better of tangling with the younger version of myself that appeared for a split second. He shouted a few curse words and flashed a few hand gestures and quickly got back in his car.
What started out as an innocent drive with my wife, laughing to Steve Harvey on the Radio, took a sudden turn and got real serious for moment. I’m wound tight anyway, but at no point should I ever cross the line and think I can physically impose my will or physically engage another man whether or not he is right or wrong. Even just getting out was a risk. What did I have to prove?
We should always think about retreating inward to ourselves and leaving these types of curiosities alone. Pull yourself away from these sorts of senseless confrontations. Turn into yourself and keep guard. 

In our heads, there is an instinctive desire to participate in such activities, but in our hearts, we know otherwise. It seems right at the time but most certainly will bring remorse, guilt and shame in the end. Sometimes we must act, but let’s think before we act.  Weigh the real consequences of the prideful desire to be right. What if I had never blown my horn? Humble yourself when faced with the intense pride to fight back. Temper your desire in the moment; let that pause grace you with unmatched wisdom. The ruckus and commotion outside of your inner self serves little-to-no purpose when you retreat into yourself and leave senseless matters alone. Minding everyone’s business doesn’t help in the pursuit of a better version of you.

Peace be with you this holiday season.

Andre Collins
Executive Director
Professional Athletes Foundation
NFL Player 1990-1999

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Hey guys,

Here in the FPSD our main focus is assisting former NFL players in transitioning from the field into the real world giving them the ability to create their own success as they define them. Providing resources, locker room, emergency assistance, coaching, education, whatever is needed on a personalized level is how we attempt to get that done.

Daily my mighty staff of nine, including myself, take on the 18-20,000 former players with compassion, energy and a desire to help them be the best they can be. It's a labor of love.

Have a safe and happy holiday season. See you in January.

Best regards,

Nolan Harrison III
Sr Director | FPSD

Click the video image below to watch Andre Collins and Nolan Harrison join Brandon Parker to discuss programs and service available to former NFL players.
'Inside the NFLPA' with Former Players and PAF
Tiki Barber
Co-Founder/Co-Chairman at Thuzio & CBS Radio Host
Greater New York City Area Internet

Current: CBS Sports Radio, Thuzio

Previous: New York Football Giants

Education: University of Virginia

"I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it."
-- Thomas Jefferson

Co-host of Tiki and Tierney Show
CBS Sports Radio

January 2013 – Present (4 years) Greater New York City Area

Each weekday from 9am to noon, Brandon Tierney and I tackle and analyze the day’s top stories and interview the biggest names in sports live from CBS Sports Radio’s studio in New York City.

Co-Founder & Co-Chairman

January 2012 – Present (5 years) Greater New York City Area

Thuzio is an influencer business - empowering brands and businesses to grow by leveraging influential people. Thuzio has two products; Julius, and Thuzio Executive Club. Julius is an influencer marketing software solution for brands and agencies. Thuzio Executive Club is membership organization providing access to business entertainment events featuring influencers.

Running Back
New York Football Giants

April 1997 – January 2007 (9 years 10 months) East Rutherford, New Jersey

Originally considered a third-down, "change of pace" back, I became a standout starting running back and the all-time leader in rushing yards in New York Giants history. In 2005 I was the NFL's top yardage gainer from the line of scrimmage and voted by my peers to three Pro Bowls. From 2003-2006, I gained the most yards from scrimmage by any NFL running back in that period.

For Tiki’s Full Profile On LinkedIn Click Here

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60 Heroes: Robert Smith, From Detractor to Defender of the NFLPA

When Robert Smith first became a Player Rep for the Minnesota Vikings in 1995 he did so to “get rid of” then-Executive Director Gene Upshaw. Smith, a star running back at Ohio State, had been drafted two years earlier by the Vikings and was unhappy with the rookie salary cap at the time. His anger, however, quickly dissolved into support as he grew more educated on the NFLPA’s mission, turning him into one of the union’s greatest player advocates.
Smith continued to serve as Player Rep and on the NFLPA’s Executive Committee until 2002. During that time, he gained the respect of his peers for his leadership and was one of 50 players to contribute to the joint United Negro College Fund scholarship program created by the NFLPA and NFL in 1995.
Although Smith chose to retire from the NFL after just eight seasons to better preserve his body, he did not stop lending a helping hand to the union. The former All-Pro rusher continued to volunteer as a part of the Committee on Agent Regulation and Discipline (CARD), which regulates and disciplines agents, while also serving as a stabilizing voice among active and former players.


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A little Christmas party fun for the men of the Nashville Chapter 
Left to right; Back row
Rayna Steward, Jimmie Robinson, Roger Jones, Sulecio Stanford, Eric Joyce, Ken Amato, Patrick Bailey, Glenn Young
Left to right; Front row
Paul Guidry, Eddie Khayat, Ross Browner, Barry Stokes, Brenard Wilson
The Men of the Denver Chapter getting together to share some Christmas cheer.
Left to right: Wade Manning, Larry Evans, Marv Montgomery, Jason Kaiser, Estes Banks, William Harris, Ed Smith, Derek Brown, Ken Lanier, Guest, Greg Boyd, Chris Brewer, Kevin Clark, and Mike Perez.
It doesn't look cold at all in Jacksonville! Lucky guys! 
Pictured from L to R are:
Sean McInerney, Mark Brunell, Isaac Smolko, Kyle Bosworth, Billy Latsko, Jammie Kirlew, Dexter Seigler, Bryan barker, Todd Philcox
The NY/NJ Chapter Toy Drive
Pictured-L_R Jude Waddy, Damion Gregory, Joe Searles, Iman Dean, Bobby Sewall, Noah Burroughs, Gary Brown, Scott Lutrus

Hey Bobby... Let's take a selfie!
January 5: Hot Businesses, Markets & Trends for 2017
What businesses are likely to boom this year? Are there specific trends you should be aware of in order to position your small business for growth?
Join us for this webinar and learn:
  • What types of businesses are going strong today
  • How to take advantage of consumer purchasing behaviors
  • Which demographic groups have extra purchasing power
  • What customers want from small businesses and much more.
Register Now

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Are you in crisis? Please call the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255)
If you or someone you know needs help, call 1-800-273-TALK (8255), the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, immediately. This 24-hour service is available to anyone in need of help. Never ignore or underestimate remarks about suicide. If you think your friend is in immediate danger, do not leave him or her alone—stay there and call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

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I Am The Trust
Listen to former players who have used our services talk about their experiences with our partners and programs.
Duration: 3:58

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To learn more about the many transition offerings of The Trust, visit their website by clicking here.

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We are "One Team", built around a fraternity of former NFL Players who are aligned, connected and engaged, working together in life beyond football.

800-372-2000 x132

Nolan Harrison III, MBA
Senior Director
Dee Becker
Assistant Director
Lorenzo Kaufman
Senior Manager
Amber C.Edwards
Membership Services Coordinator
Garrett Wooddell

NFLPA National Office

1133 20th Street NW
Washington, DC 20036

Office Hours
Monday - Friday
9:00am - 5:30pm EST

Lifetime Membership
Please update your contact information  to earn your free lifetime membership and to learn more about what the Former Player Services Department offers our players. Renew your membership online through your profile page on or with the Membership Application

Thank you for your
commitment to the union
who has fought for, and will continue to fight for, our rare and special fraternity. You can also call Membership Services at 202-756-9165 if you have any membership or internet questions.

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Player Emergency Help
NFL Get Help Hotline
Health, Career, Education and Lifestyle Programs for Former Players
Bahati VanPelt | Executive Director

Benefits Department

Available to answer player benefits and insurance questions.

800-372-2000 x155
Miki Yaras-Davis | Sr. Director
Bethany Marshall | Director
Chris Smith | Asst. Director
Adora Williams | Sr. Manager
Brian Francis | Coordinator

Professional Athletes Foundation

Gene Upshaw Players Assistance Trust (PAT)
Helping players  in need.

800-372-2000 x166

Andre Collins | Executive Director
Tyrone Allen | Director
Caryl Banks | Manager
Leslie Isler | Coordinator
Monetary grants for qualified vested former players experiencing hardships.

NFL Player Benefits Office

Baltimore, MD
NFL Benefits Office for T&P, Disability, Plan 88, pension, second career, annuity and other benefits filing.

Former Player Life Improvement Plan

Joint replacement, discount prescription card, assisted living and more.
Off the Field is the national football player wives association 
Click HERE for more information on Off The Field Players' Wives Association
We are pleased
to announce a
new rewards partnership with 
The Gronkowski family is offering 20% off their wide array of fitness equipment* and apparel to all former players! 
To Activate:
Click Here and visit 'Home, Outdoor, and Leisure'
Own a Gym?
Sign up for Gronk Elite
to receive exclusive
wholesale pricing.
*Excludes WaterRower & Trueform
Exclusive deals on 10k and 14k NFLPA Member rings from Summit Marketing.
30% savings on apparel and accessories from
Fanatics and ONE Team Shop.
25% off suits and business attire from Ike Behar.
50% discount on shoes, outerwear, and accessories at Cole Haan.

Save 25% on sound products from Bose .
Special pricing on HP business products and accessories.
Savings up to 30% off select Lenovo PCs, with additional Daily Door Buster Deals.
See Grinchmas or
The Rockettes with
Working Advantage.
Discounted rates on house painting with PaintZen.
20% discount on flowers and more with From You Flowers.
25% off online orders from Papa John's Pizza with
the promo code NFLP25 
before 12/31/16.
Career and Office
Receive access to over 13,000 mentors in 347 Chapters with Score.
Save on over 40,000 home and office products with
Miller's Office Products.
31-88% off your most most frequently purchased items from Office Max.
Paycom special offer for payroll services.
Outdoor Leisure
Receive 25-30% savings though the
Callaway VIP Program.
Savings on TaylorMade products with Links Unlimited.
Free membership to
Union Sportmen's Alliance.
National Hotels
Members received
10% - 20% savings at
Help Make
Education Affordable
Apply for the
Union Plus Scholarship
by Jan. 31, 2017
Learn More
The links above will direct you to the company website.
To access the discount codes, sign in at

Transition Resources

Featured Partners

The YMCA believes in strengthening individuals and communities. With a presence in 10,000 neighborhoods across the country, the Y has the reach and ability to help you transition to life off the playing field.

All former players are eligible with an NFLPA Former Player Membership. (Former players with 2+ credited seasons are eligible through The Trust.)

To access the free YMCA membership, email the YMCA name and City, State to 

Health Partners

Video: Football Players Health Study at Harvard University
Partnering with Former Players: A Collaboration

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Former players can sign up to receive a questionnaire by clicking here.
If you and your family do not have health insurance, the NFLPA is proud to recommend Working America Health Care.  In collaboration with GoHealth, Working America Health Care offers you:
  • information about health care law
  • an easy way to shop for health insurance
  • the lowest rates available
Don't sit on the bench and miss out on this unique opportunity.

Call 800-907-8683 or visit the NFLPA specific website.

Business Mentoring

With over 13,000 volunteers in 347 chapters, SCORE has the expertise you need to succeed.

Use the Chapter Locator to find a SCORE office near you and request a free face to face mentoring meeting.


The NFLPA has partnered with Penn State World Campus to support the educational needs of NFLPA members. The World Campus offers more than 100 accredited graduate degrees, undergraduate degrees, certificates, and minors.

Penn State ranked as the No. 1 institution in the nation for producing the best-prepared, most well-rounded graduates who are most able to succeed once hired, according to a survey by The Wall Street Journal.

Penn State World Campus offers NFLPA members a tuition reduction benefit for all degree and certificate programs. Learn more about how you can receive a top-quality education, completed at your convenience, from one of the world’s most renowned universities. 

Social Networks

Connect on Instagram

Don't forget to for updates and information about all players. One Team!
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1133 20th St NW, Washington, D.C. 20036

Nolan Harrison III, MBA
Senior Director, Former Player Services
NFL Player 1991 - 2000
Twitter: @nolanharrison74

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