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Ex-NFL Players Want to Help You Find a Job
By ALYSSA NEWCOMB Feb 3, 2016, 4:34 AM ET

Two former NFL teammates are tackling the world of technology with a new app called GiiG, which is designed to cut through the obstacles many job searchers and hiring managers face when looking to fill a position.
Brandon King, who began his career as a cornerback for the Indianapolis Colts and Thad Turner, who began as a defensive back, told ABC News they were the perfect partners to work together on their post-NFL venture.
The app is a one-stop platform for employers and job seekers, who can apply to jobs with one click, send a quick video pitch and even interview in the app. This is a built-in messaging feature that allows the hiring manager and job seekers to close the loop after an interview.
Turner, 28, has a background in business development and after his time in the NFL, served as a consultant for a friend who was opening a gym and to the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency. King, 29, a self-described geek, said he taught himself how to code by watching YouTube videos after he left the NFL around two years ago.
"The NFL kind of spoils you, it was a great experience. I never wanted to work for anybody once I came out," King said. "I love the freedom and that led to entrepreneurship. I had to find some way to get there so I taught myself how to code one summer."
The transition from the NFL to being a founder may seem like two different worlds but both King and Turner said there were aspects of the NFL, such as teamwork, that helped prepare them for their next gig.
"Always outwork your opponent, just the competitive nature of it," Turner said.
Turner said he saw the issues hiring managers faced when he worked at the Atlanta Workforce Development Agency and wanted to team up with King to help solve many of the pain points of the job search process by using technology. King got to work building the app and receiving input from his teammate along the way.
"It makes everything more convenient with them being able to engage," King said. "A lot of people are still using Craigslist and now you have a chance to get a video and interview right from the platform. It's a lot of information early on in the hiring process."
Right now, many of the jobs available on GiiG are only in Atlanta, however the duo said their focus this year will be on growing the app and making more employers and job seekers around the country aware of its existence and helping them leverage the service to find the best possible talent.
When asked what advice he had for job seekers using GiiG, King, who chatted with ABC News over the app, offered these words of wisdom for making the interview a touchdown:
"Wear a nice shirt," he said. "And treat it like any other job interview."
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Ex-Steelers QB Charlie Batch's latest venture taking off in Pittsburgh
By Dani Bostick  @danibostick on Jan 29, 2016, 8:07a
What Pittsburgh Steelers fan didn't miss Charlie Batch this season? His calm, steady presence on the sidelines was a comfort to fans everywhere, and a source of leadership and guidance for younger members of the Pittsburgh squad. On the field, Batch contributed as well.  His improbable victory against the Baltimore Ravens in December 2012 was one of the finest performances by a backup quarterback in Steelers history.
Most fans know that Charlie Batch also gives back to his community through his foundation, provides keen NFL analysis, and has a successful public speaking career. One of Batch's most exciting ventures, however, is Impellia, a company that licences cutting-edge sports medicine technology developed by universities so that the general public can benefit from the latest innovations in rehabilitation and human-performance. Recently, Impellia licensed a technology called PIVOT that was developed at the University of PIttsburgh. PIVOT is a software platform that can assess the stability of the knee after an ACL injury and classify the degree of the injury.
As part of the Impellia team, Batch provides unique insight into the unique challenges and needs of athletes. Freddie Fu, the chairman of the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at the Pitt School of Medicine said, "It is important to have partners like Charlie Batch and Impellia who have a strong understanding of the needs of the marketplace to help translate our discoveries into products and services that make a difference in people's lives."
Charlie Batch also weighed in on the agreement, saying via the University of PIttsburgh, "We are extremely excited about the market potential of PIVOT and are honored to be working with Dr. Fu and Dr. Musahl, Through our team's growth-oriented approach, extensive domain expertise, and sales network, we have the means to build a broad platform for the technology. We are thrilled that the Innovation Institute has recognized our ability to execute significant marketing strategies and bring real-world applications to its technologies."
Because of this agreement, PIVOT will become accessible to trainers and medical practitioners, which will ultimately benefit athletes. Impellia has similar agreements with other universities, licensing technologies in order to make them widely accessible. They are the final step in the transition from a researcher's concept to a product people can use and benefit from.

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Looking for a career in construction management?

Former NFL players will now have an opportunity to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Construction Management from Rowan University.  This new program was created in cooperation with North America’s Building Trades Unions (NABTU) through endorsements and will be directed by Steve Krone, director of construction and engineering management at Rowan University. 
The construction management program will use the same curriculum that is in place at the National Labor College. Designed for Building Trade members, the online program has opportunities to connect with faculty face-to-face every week through a video chat software similar to Skype.
Rowan University will begin enrollment soon and former players are encouraged to contact the university. The seven-week program will prepare students to supervise, manage, and inspect construction sites, buildings, and associated facilities. Rowan University will allow students to transfer credits earned through prior college work, apprenticeships, testing or a prior learning assessment.
Rowan University is a well-known public institution that is part of the New Jersey State University system and has a strong commitment to joint labor-management relations.  The university, for example, recently completed $350 million in signatory construction on its campus with plans for $650 million more.  Rowan also has NABTU representation on its governing board, and its president has close ties with Building Trades leaders in the state.   
The NABTU offers comprehensive formal craft training programs that set the standard in the construction industry. It also has a partnership with The Trust, which offers a scholarship fund to former players for qualified programs, including the degree in construction management from Rowan University.

To apply                                  
Admissions Phone: (877) 787-6926
Construction Management
Virtual Campus Tour:          

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3 Ways to Speed Up Recovery after a Hard Workout
Foam rolling isn't the only way to ease soreness. Check out these other implements that get the job done, too
Foam rolling is a great way to speed recovery. Kneading your muscles after a hard workout can help ease soreness by breaking up adhesions (tight knots of connective tissue) and enhancing blood flow. But a foamroller is just one of many tools you can use before, after, or between workouts to boost your mobility and fast-track your recovery. Here are three other options you've probably never considered.
Use this to loosen up your calves and Achilles tendons, especially after a tough run or pickup hoops game. Place your lower legs on the bar (or even one leg at a time on the handle of a dumbbell or kettlebell) and move them from side to side to break up adhesions.
Resistance Band
Secure a thick, looped resistance band to an anchor point--a squat cage is perfect. Then step inside the free end so it sits above your ankle. Facing away from the anchor, walk forward a few steps to put tension in the band. Now drive your knee past your toes several times. Repeat with your other leg. Physical therapists call this "band distraction." The benefit is better ankle mobility.
Your targets: glutes and chest. The payoff: improved hip mobility and upper-body range of motion. Sit on a softball (or a lacrosse ball if you can handle it) and dig into your glute muscles, which can become knotted and tight from prolonged sitting. Repeat with the ball sandwiched between your chest and a wall.

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Membership Reward Spotlight
A complimentary 2-year subscription to Robb Report magazine is now available to all NFLPA former player members. Celebrating its 40th year, Robb Report is the unquestioned authority on the luxury lifestyle. Every issue features the best automobiles, travel destinations, watches, yachts, planes, and much more. Your subscription includes annual issues like Best of the Best, Car of the Year, Ultimate Gift Guide, and the 40th Anniversary special plus free access to the iPad and iPhone editions. Regularly a $100 value. Click here for details.

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    American Public University (APU_ and the NFLPA have teamed up to offer former player members flexible and affordable online degree programs and career services.

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