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Former NFL Player Marques Ogden Goes From Broke to New Book
Oct 19, 2015 Carlos Dias Jr. FORBES CONTRIBUTOR

In a 2009 article, Sports Illustrated found that 78 percent of former NFL players had gone bankrupt or were under financial stress after only being retired for two years. From unscrupulous investments, freeloaders, medical issues, and competitive showing-off, several professional athletes were stunned by the result of living an expensive life. For Marques Ogden, doing the right thing cost his life’s savings and falling into the common statistic.
Ogden, a 2002 graduate of Howard University with a Bachelor of Science in Finance, was selected by the Jacksonville Jaguars in the sixth round of the 2003 NFL Draft (Jack Del Rio’s first draft class a new head coach). Playing with the Jaguars for two seasons, he was also part of the Baltimore Ravens, Buffalo Bills, and Tennessee Titans. While playing in the NFL, Ogden participated in a program through the University of Southern California in project development and construction. He officially retired from the NFL in 2009 and joined Reading Express of the Indoor Football League from 2010 until 2011.
In a recent interview with Forbes, Ogden discussed being frugal while in the NFL to spiraling out of control after one business mistake that left him with $4,100 in his bank account, eventually filing for bankruptcy, and having his home foreclosed. He also divulged how depression almost cost his life and how an NFL player’s card helped him get back on track to becoming a motivational speaker and writing a new book.

Click HERE for the full article

Click HERE for the book
Retired NFL player and wife open up new gym in Paso Robles 
By Leslie Jones

Local sports celebrity Dennis Harrah and his wife Teresa recently opened a new fitness gym, Gotta B Fit in downtown Paso Robles. Dennis has attained many awe-inspiring athletic feats including having spent 13 years with the Los Angeles Rams, including six years as captain.
Additionally he was the number one draft choice from the University of Miami, he spent six years in the Pro Bowl, was All American for the University of Miami, became a nominee for the National Football League (NFL) Hall of Fame in 1992 and was inducted into the Orange County, University of Miami and West Virginia Halls of Fame.
Along with his wife, Teresa, he now supports others in the Paso Robles community and beyond by encouraging them to stay healthy and fit. He has mentored younger athletes now in the NFL, he’s often been a motivational speaker at schools and youth groups and has previously been involved with such affiliations as the DARE program.
“Anytime I speak to a youth group I let them know that you are who your friends are so choose them wisely. When they are in a tough situation always ask yourself what would a good man do in a situation and do it,” said Dennis.
Teresa, who has a long list of health and wellness certifications, offers one-on-one personal training in a private setting with state-of-the-art training equipment. “My goal is to train with all the passion and care to allow each client to learn about fitness, diet, personal goals & general health. My personal experience and range of clients over the last 20 years has given me a gift of lifelong friendships & a love for fitness,” said Teresa.
She too holds a strong interest in speaking with local affiliations including students on the topic of health and wellness. Her emphasis is to help others attain personal wellness goals and successes based on their own personal lifestyles and needs.
Teresa and Dennis have lived on Harrah Ranch – an equine retirement community near Cass Winery in the pastoral outskirts of Paso Robles – for the past six years and consider Paso Robles a wonderful community in which to live. “There’s a strong sense of community that exudes from cattle ranchers and vintners to those who have been raised here and transplants alike.
There’s a personal pride, strong sense of history and people want to preserve the special qualities we have here,” said Teresa.

For more information on Paso Robles personal training visit the website at Gotta B Fit, or Facebook page, or call Teresa at (805) 712-5166.
Former NFL player visits Grove Middle School
By Chloe C. Farmer Grove Sun
Tuesday, Oct. 20, Grove Middle School hosted motivational speaker Jimmie Bell. Bell, a former defensive lineman, is from Youngstown, Ohio. Bell was one of the top defensive recruits in 1992. He was courted and eventually signed with Ohio State University. His first week at the university he tore his ACL. Bell battled back from his injury, going on to be a two time Big Ten championship and winning the 1997 Rose Bowl Championship.

But that was not enough for Bell. He continued on and played for the New York Giants and the San Diego Chargers in the National Football League.

Now Bell spends his time working with Sports World, a company that works with professional athletes, sharing and encouraging through their experiences. Bell says he travels about twice a month for a week at a time, speaking positivity and motivating students.

“I’m gonna be totally honest with you. Oklahoma is my favorite place because, you guys have a level of freedom that allows people to express positivity and faith that actually the kids and other people need to hear,” says Bell. “You don’t even have to necessarily agree with it, but if it’s a positive message and uplifting and progressive message, then why not? But you guys are totally open to that, because it means something to the kids… And that’s what I love about Oklahoma.”

Bell spoke for an hour to the Ridgerunner students, who listened with apt attention. At the end of the hour, Bell signed player cards and took pictures with the students.
“What I challenge all athletes to do is to be extraordinary and do what extraordinary people do. Don’t fall into the realm of being ordinary,” said Bell.

For more information on Bell or Sports World, visit
Tea Consent
Hilarious video on the serious topic of sexual consent using a "Tea" metaphor
CNNMoney's Christine Romans shares her secrets for a dream retirement.
7 Mistakes to Avoid When Setting Up Your Business Online

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Take this online workshop to presented in partnership with Internet experts Verisign and GoDaddy who walk through 7 common errors that small businesses make when setting up shop online. They reveal overlooked marketing tips to help you get more out of the Internet for your business. You know, so you can get back to doing what you do best: making something awesome happen.

Programming your mind for success | Carrie Green | TEDxManchester

Programming your mind for success | Carrie Green 

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