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Extern on Capitol Hill

Job Description

During this Externship experience, you will be placed in an office of a member of Congress. Your responsibilities will vary according to the needs of the office in which you intern, but overall, you should expect to:

  • Engage in a diverse range of activities including government relations and communications, research, and legislation development
  • Identify pertinent policy issues, initiatives, programs and staff at federal agencies, departments, and the White House in relation to your office’s primary focus areas
  • Network with Members of Congress, constituents, and other political influencers
  • Attend meetings, events, and briefings in Congress and the Federal Government, as needed


  • A basic knowledge of Congress and the Federal Government
  • Good oral and written communication skills, professional maturity, and a willingness to work on a variety of tasks
  • A familiarity and interest in policy issues related to your prospective office’s current initiatives
  • Ability to "take the initiative," work independently, and articulate challenges, opportunities, and questions as they arise.


What Makes Capitol Hill a Great Place to Work?

Some of the most influential people in the political world of DC and beyond began their careers as interns on Capitol Hill. Not only will you get the chance to meet some of these individuals, but you’ll also get to see what it takes to perhaps be the next one running for office, collaborating on a new campaign, or simply doing what it takes, whether as an elected official or responsible citizen, to make a positive difference in your community through leadership and advocacy.


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