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NFLPA Externship


The NFLPA Externship is the premier opportunity for NFL players to gain valuable experience with top organizations across the country. Become an extern an prepare for opportunities now and in the future. From broadcasting and technology to politics and events, this program is designed with you in mind.

Monday, February 18 - Friday, March 8, 2019
Dependent on Partner
Coming Fall 2018






Provide NFL players with an opportunity to gain experience, discover career interests, build new skills, and make valuable connections. 



April 1 - June 30
Selections & program offerings are finalized before start of regular season

October - January

Monday, February 18 - Friday, March 8, 2019


The NFLPA has a committee made up of both internal and external parties responsible for reviewing and selecting partners. Collaborating partners must share the NFLPA's goal of providing members with a valuable learning experience that:

• Leads to second career options,
• Informs decisions to pursue academic interests, including the elimination of opportunities that are a poor fit,
• Assists in expanding members’ professional network, and
• Increases skill competency and confidence.
A typical externship runs for 3 weeks, Monday through Friday, with hours that reflect the partner organization’s normal business hours. However, there are opportunities to discuss a shorter length offering as well (1-2 weeks) depending on the partner’s needs, proposed projects, and potential scheduling conflicts. Regardless, we ask that schedules do remain somewhat flexible as players are usually balancing training/rehab needs during this time as well.
• We estimate that each extern will cost approximately $5,000 based on their travel and lodging expenses, though these costs may be mitigated if the extern(s) live locally. We encourage partners to directly book round trip coach airfare (though extra seating space is oftentimes needed) in addition to corporate housing or similar (Airbnb has been used in the past as well).

• Beyond travel and lodging expenses, partners are not expected to compensate the players as part of this program
• We firmly believe that each partner should have full autonomy in building out their externship experience. If assistance is requested, we are more than happy to work together in developing an experience that is mutually beneficial for both the partner and player(s). Example work schedules and responsibilities will also be provided early in the process to provide guidance.


• During the program, we will coordinate with each partner to determine a time for an in-person visit to ensure all is running smoothly for all involved and facilitate potential content capture.

Read our Partner Communication Guidelines here.

• Typically, the application opens in October-November each year. The application deadline for the 2019 program has tentatively been set for January 14, 2019.

• Applications will be reviewed on a rolling admission basis. After the NFLPA screens applicants, referrals of those who qualify are made to the partners. We ask that partners participate in the process by conducting their own applicant interviews to make final selections. When possible, partners should reach out to schedule interviews within 1 week of the initial referral.

• To fill all positions, we suggest making offers as soon as possible after concluding interviews. Players begin to schedule their off-season activities during this time frame and competition for other positions/opportunities will be present. We anticipate the entire interview and selection process to conclude by mid to late January.

Yes! Future job placement is one of the primary focuses of this program. While many of the previous participants are either still playing or very early in their transitions, we have had players like Reggie Smith and Eddie McGee who were hired upon the conclusion of their Externship experiences. Other players like Will Allen have gone on to work in similar fields taking the knowledge and skills learned during the program.

We are always looking for opportunities to expand our career and professional development services for NFL players. If your organization is not selected to participate in this program, consideration for involvement in other services may be an option based on your selections within the application and again, the interests of the players.










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