When Frank Woschitz began work with the NFLPA in 1968, he was pulling double duty as publisher of the union’s newsletter, The Audible, and with his full-time job at the Chamber of Commerce in Anderson, Indiana.  Woschitz continued his dual responsibilities for the next ten years.  Starting in 1971, he made monthly visits to the NFLPA offices in D.C., assembling stories and articles to be edited and published in the newsletter. 

Woschitz began work at the NFLPA on a full-time basis in 1978.  His initial job was to oversee union publications and serve as the union’s primary contact with the media, but when Woschitz helped establish the NFLPA Retired Players Association, his duties shifted.  He became the Staff Director of this organization in the 1980s.  During Woschitz's remaining tenure, the NFLPA retired players’ membership exponentially grew and quickly became a strong force within the union’s structure.  Under his leadership, the group successfully lobbied to have the Pre-59ers included in the player pension and to have pension benefits improved across the board for all retired players.  

In addition to the numerous gains made under Woschitz's leadership, he also started numerous programs, including the annual Retired Players Convention, a player wellness initiative (including free heart screenings for members) and a business networking program.  After nearly 25 years with the union, Woschitz retired from the NFLPA.  He now lives in Anderson with his wife Patsy. 

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